All you need to know about ZTL in Bologna

The historical center of Bologna, besides being full of beautiful monuments and museums, is subject to some limitations: discover how the Limited Traffic Zone of Bologna works and how to access it.

6 April 2020
Bologna's Limited Traffic Zone (updated 2021)
Bologna's Limited Traffic Zone (updated 2021)

The city of Bologna, capital of Emilia Romagna, is famous all over the world for its rich culinary tradition and history. The historical centre of Bologna is in fact considered one of the most beautiful in Italy but, like every respectable historic centre, the undisputed protagonist is the Limited Traffic Zone, which in Bologna is divided into three zones: Zona Sirio (in black), Zona T (in red) and Zona Universitaria (in blue).

We recommend that you memorize the map below very well in order to have a clear idea of which areas you should avoid.

Map Bologna's ZTL
Map Bologna's ZTL

Zona Sirio

This Zone includes the entire historic centre and prohibits access and transit for vehicles. Motorcycles and scooters are excluded from these restrictions and can therefore circulate even without having requested authorization.

Is active in the following time slot:

  • every day, from 07:00am to 08:00pm

From 2020 access to the Sirio Zone is forbidden to all cars belonging to the environmental class Euro 0 (Gasoline, LPG, Methane and Diesel).

In the Sirio Zone the following categories are then allowed after having communicated the license plate to the city office:

  • electric and hybrid vehicles with electric motor
  • the vehicles of customers of hotels and parking
  • vehicles in car sharing service expressly authorised
  • vehicles in the service of disabled people with the specific badge issued by the municipality of residence.

However, it is possible to access to the LTZ, excluding Euro 0 vehicles Petrol, LPG, Methane and Diesel, by purchasing an accessticket, which must be validated and displayed on the vehicle. This ticket allows access to the Sirio Zone only and the daily ticket costs 6€, the ticket for four consecutive days costs 15€.

If you want to park in the heart of Bologna, enjoy its historic centre and taste its famous tortellini we recommend the following car parks:

Don't worry, you will access to the Bologna LTZ without authorization, but you will not receive any fine because the staff of the car park or hotel will immediately inform the city office of your license plate number.

"T" Zone

"T" Zone extends for Via Rizzoli, Via Ugo Bassi and Via Indipendenza. Here you will find the main tourist attractions of the city; it is full of monuments as well as luxurious shops and restaurants and bars.

T Zone is active in the following time slot:

  • every day 24 hours/day.
  • On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. the zone becomes entirely pedestrianized so access is only allowed to bicycles. It is not possible to access to T Zone in any other way.

In T Zone the following categories can access on weekdays after having communicated the license plate to the city office :

  • electric and hybrid vehicles
  • bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles
  • vehicles in the service of disabled people equipped with the specific badge issued by the Municipality of residence

There are no amnesty procedures, no access to T Zone without authorization, otherwise a sanction will be applied.

University Zone

The "University Zone" extends into the Fine Arts and Belmeloro areas. The access to cars and also to motorcycles (both motorcycles and mopeds) is forbidden.

The University Zone is active in the following time slot:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In the University Zone the only allowed categories are:

  • electric and hybrid vehicles can access to the LTZ after collecting their permit from the TPER offices.
  • bicycles
  • scheduled buses (tourist buses can only access from Via Indipendenza to reach the hotels located in the area not otherwise reachable and by prior agreement with the municipal administration)
  • vehicles in carsharing service expressly authorized

If you want to park outside the ZTL here are the parking lots that we recommend:

Enjoy the Piazza Maggiore and many other beauties that the capital of Emilia hosts.

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