Palermo's ZTL (updated 2020)

Discover how to access the historic centre of the capital of Sicily, a region rich of history, culture and delicious food. In Palermo traffic is sovereign and, for this reason, the Municipality has delimited the access to the historical centre.

29 April 2020
Palermo: white list, passes, timetables and map of the ZTL (updated 2021)
Palermo: white list, passes, timetables and map of the ZTL (updated 2021)

From October 10th driving in Palermo is even more difficult because of the activation of the ZTL that has been activated in the historic center, which includes the most famous districts of the Sicilian capital: La Loggia, Kalsa, Albergheria, and Monte di Pietà.

Map of Palermo's ZTLLTZ

Map Ztl of Palermo's LTZ
Map Ztl of Palermo's LTZ

As the map shows, the area where access, transit and parking of non-authorised vehicles is are forbidden is delimited by the following roads:

  • Via Cavour
  • Via Aragona
  • Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Orlando
  • Corso A. Amedeo
  • Corso Calatafini
  • Piazza Indipendenza
  • Via Re Ruggero
  • Corso Tukory
  • Via Lincon
  • Piazza Giulio Cesera
  • Foro Umberto I
  • Piazza XIII Vittime
  • Via Francesco Crispi


With exclusive validity on weekdays, the ZTL LTZ is active from Monday to Friday from 8. 00 am to 8. 00 pm . In 2020, however, the timetable has also been extended to evening/night hours on Friday and Saturday:

  • from 1 November to 30 April from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. the following day
  • from 1 May to 31 October from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. the following day

There are special permits and authorizations that give the right of access even without a pass for law enforcement and rescue vehicles, mopeds and motorcycles and AMAT vehicles. In addition, vehicles whose owners are included in the 'white list', such as public bodies, persons with limited or impeded mobility and owners of 100% electric traction vehicles, may also have free access following application and subsequent obtaining of authorization.


There are four categories of paid tickets that give access to the ZTL LTZ: 1. daily, available in light blue colour, at a cost of 5€ for petrol (environmental class from euro 3 to euro 6) and diesel (environmental class from euro 4 to euro 6) cars, and green colour, at a cost of 2,5€ for hybrid petrol/electric, petrol/methane and petrol/LPG cars. 2. Monthly, at a cost of €20 for petrol (environmental class from €3 to €6) and diesel (environmental class from €4 to €6) cars, and at a cost of €10 for hybrid petrol/electric, petrol/methane and petrol/LPG cars. 3. Semi-annual, at a cost of €50 for petrol (environmental class from €3 to €6) and diesel (environmental class from €4 to €6) cars, and at a cost of €25 for hybrid petrol/electric, petrol/methane and petrol/LPG cars. 4. The Annual Pass is addressed only to those who reside within the LTZ.

The pass is always free of charge both for electric cars and for citizens with limited or impeded mobility. Euro 0-2 petrol and Euro 0-3 diesel vehicles are not entitled to the pass, unless they are registered to residents and domiciled in the ZTL LTZ zone. It is possible to request and purchase a temporary pass for customers of hotels or car repair shops or car parks; the staff can directly register the license plate number of their customers' cars.

How The ways to request passes are:

  • online on the website
  • at AMAT counters
    • at ACI counters
  • The daily pass can also be purchased in some bars, tobacconists and newsstands.

How activate the daily pass

The daily pass must be activated before entering the Limited Traffic Zone. For this reason, the Municipality of Palermo, in order to facilitate activation, has created an App available on any mobile device. Thanks to this app it is possible to view the map of the LTZ and, by activating the GPS, receive warning notifications when you are near an electronic gate. However, you can activate the pass by simply sending an SMS, typing "ZTL (space) plate number (space) secret code" to the number on the back of the ticket. As regards any fines and penalties, the cost varies depending on the environmental class of the vehicle: the range is from 164€ to 41€. Do you want to visit Palermo with your car? Parkimeter offers you a range of affordable parking spaces for cars or vans with easy access at different times of the day or 24 hours. Below is a list of some of the car parks present in the areas affected by the ZTL or adjacent to it:

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