Park in the Venice International Contemporary Music Festival

Find out where you can park to attend the 66th edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Music held in the Italian city of Venice.

11 August 2022
Park in the Venice International Contemporary Music Festival
Park in the Venice International Contemporary Music Festival

This year the 66th International Festival of Contemporary Music, directed by Lucia Ronchetti, will be held from 14th to 25th September. It is a Festival held in the city of Venice, in Italy, and this year it is mainly characterised by the Out Stage.

The Biennale Musica this 2022 will present new works of experimental musical theatre, as well as new projects: the Out of Stage. The Out of Stage is a title that refers to works conceived for places and situations other than those offered by traditional stages, adding a broad perspective of contemporary musical theatre and new technologies: virtual and augmented performance programming, in new forms and genres codified by the composers participating in the festival such as: Experimental Musical Theatre, Instrumental Theatre, Radio Theatre, Experimental Performance among others.

The festival programme also includes different classics of instrumental theatre and works by renowned composers in this field.

Where to park in the city of Venice for the 66th International Festival of Contemporary Music

Italy has magnificent cities, and one of them is Venice. Venice is characterised by its urban configuration of alleys and canals, so if you decide to go by car, you should know that it is not one of the best options for getting around the city.

The city is pedestrianised, although the most common method of transport to get around the city is the vaporetta, which is why it is best to park your car, either on the street or in a car park, and get around in another way (see below for some tips).

In Venice there are usually two main car parks where everyone parks: Tronchetto and Piazzale Roma. The car parks have more than 2,000 parking spaces each, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage: tourists want to park there and they are usually full. So where can you leave your car?

Our recommendation is to save yourself the hassle of looking for parking in a city that has almost no traffic and few car parks that are almost always full. By reserving your parking space in advance.

At Parkimeter you can book your parking space in the car park of your choice according to your tastes and needs, paying in advance the rates for your stay (days and hours), so you can forget about having an extra cost when you go on a trip to Venice. You can also leave your car parked in a safe and secure car park.

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Other methods of transport to get around Venice

The 66th International Festival of Contemporary Music will be held in the city of Venice, specifically on the Rialto Bridge. Venice is a very small city and, as we mentioned earlier, very pedestrianised due to the large number of canals that characterise it. Even so, it is very comfortable and easy to get around.


Getting around by car is very limited, as there are not many roads in the small city of Venice.


The vaporetto is one of the most used means of transport in Venice. It is a water bus that allows you to move around the city.


Buses are an interesting option, depending on the destination, because in the city of Venice, the mobility options are reduced due to the lack of roads.

Water taxi

They allow you to move more comfortably through the canals, but like other methods of transport, they tend to be quite expensive.


Venice is world famous for its charm as a city, but also for its gondolas. Nowadays they are mainly a tourist attraction, a small boat accompanied by a gondolier that takes you around the city.


The Traghetto is a gondola used to cross the Grand Canal in places where there are no bridges.


The Alilaguna boats take you from Marco Polo Airport to the centre of Venice.

If you want more information about where to park in the city of Venice, don't hesitate to read our article by clicking on this link.

What to see in Venice

If you have come to Venice to attend the 66th International Festival of Contemporary Music and you have time to visit the wonderful city during your stay, you should know that there are certain places you can't miss.

Starting with the heart of the city and the icon of Venice: the Piazza San Marco. It is one of the main tourist attractions of the city, where besides a gigantic square you will find the emblematic buildings of the Basilica di San Marco, the Doge's Palace and the Basilica's Bell Tower, which is located next to it. On the other hand, the Grand Canal of Venice is the main canal that divides the city of Venice in two. To move along it you should go by boat, gondola or traghetto to see the Venetian palaces that surround it.

Across the canals you will find the famous Bridge of Sighs, a bridge over which prison inmates used to cross before being executed. The prisoners knew the fate that awaited them and sighed as they passed. Today, it is a symbol of the city.

Taking advantage of the theme of bridges, you should definitely visit the Rialto Bridge and its market. It is a bridge that offers one of the best views of the Grand Canal and is also one of the most beautiful in the whole city of Venice.

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