What to do in Madrid at Christmas

Madrid at Christmas is a must for those who love travelling and for those who enjoy holidays. Visit it by car with no parking issues

8 December 2017
Plans to visit Madrid at Christmas with no parking issues
Plans to visit Madrid at Christmas with no parking issues

The Spanish capital is always a must, but when December arrives it looks even more impressive. We tell you the best plans to visit Madrid at Christmas.

If we have to choose the best time to visit Madrid, surely Christmas is a great one (if the San Isidro festivities will excuse me!). As a cosmopolitan city, at the end of the year the Spanish capital overflows to be more spectacular than ever.

Every corner of the city is decorated, especially the center and all over the Paseo de la Castellana, where spectacular sets of lights, dreamy Christmas decorations and streets full of life and joy await us.

If you want that this great joy does not become desperation, forget about searching for a car park and book a parking in Madrid to fully enjoy its atmosphere rid of stress.

3 Christmas must-see in Madrid

The Navibus

It has become one of the Christmas classics in Madrid: it is a bus that leaves from Plaza de Colón and takes you through the city center showing you the most decorated and best illuminated streets.

Let the car parked in the Salamanca neighbourhood, an elegant shopping district where walking is a luxury, and dive deep into the Navibus Christmas spirit, leaving from one of the most lively square in the city.

The Christmas markets in Madrid

As a city with a strong Christmas tradition, the markets could not be missed as part of a varied selection of holiday activities in Madrid. You will find them throughout the city, including itinerants as Pop Up Chic, but if you are looking for recommendations, the ones of Plaza Mayor, Plaza de España and the Crafts Fair in Plaza de Santo Domingo are a must.

The Cavalcade of Magi

Without fear of being mistaken, we can say that the Madrid Cavalcade of Magi is the most famous in the world. And with good reason: every January 5, thousands of kids from Madrid and the rest of Spain who can watch it live on TV, get really excited by the visit of the Three Kings on board their impressive floats.

If you are lucky enough to visit Madrid during Christmas time, you can not miss it. Of course, do not even think about approaching the lower part of Paseo de la Castellana by car: park near the Santiago Bernabéu, take the opportunity to visit it and from Nuevos Ministerios, see the Magi carrying gifts to children all over Spain.

The center of Madrid at Christmas is a show: do not miss the Cibeles surroundings
The center of Madrid at Christmas is a show: do not miss the Cibeles surroundings

3 tips to fully enjoy your holidays

Leave the car and use the bus!

Almost daily, the news inform on the chaos caused by driving through Madrid and the measures taken to avoid episodes of high pollution. If moving by car on Gran Vía every day represents already a nightmare, imagine to drive on these special days when we all want to move to a spectacularly-decorated Plaza Mayor, to await New Year at Puerta del Sol or to stroll around the Retiro, while escaping from the bustle.

Therefore, there is no doubt: if you come by car, look for parking in the center of Madrid and do not worry about going round and round the city in search of an impossible parking space.

Divide your Christmas plans in Madrid by areas

The proverb already says that: Do not bite off more than you can chew. Therefore, do not try to reveal all the surprises awaiting you in the capital for Christmas in only one afternoon and organize your visit by days, starting from different areas.

Look for excuses that allow you for visiting outermost (but no less attractive) areas. A good reason is to go through the best nativity scenes displayed all over the city: park near the AZCA complex and on your way to Cibeles visit some nativity scenes, as the one of Iglesia del Espíritu Santo or the audiovisual crib of Parroquia de los Doce Apóstoles.

The difference between night and day in Madrid at Christmas

At Christmas time, Madrid reveals itself differently at day than it does during the night when, with all lights on, shows us more lively prints. Take advantage of the sun rays to visit markets and cribs and when the night comes you already know that the Navibus and a whole show of lights and colors will await you.

The Christmas train, the musical and theatrical shows on Gran Vía, that's permanently pedestrianized for the first time in its more than 100-year-old history, the New Year's Eve in Puerta del Sol... Madrid is amazing at Christmas. Do not miss it!

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