• Piazza Bologna

    Address: Via Re Tancredi, 3. Roma. Schedule: Mon-Sat: 07:00-24:00h. Sun: 07:00-10:00h. Holidays: 07:00-10:00h.
  • Maximum height of the car park: 2m. (Read more)
    Your vehicle won't be able to access the car park if it is more than 2m high.
  • Limited traffic zone (Read more)
    This parking is inside the limited traffic zone ZTL Roma Anello Ferroviario .
    This car park is located inside the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) Anello Ferroviario, where from Monday to Friday, petrol and diesel vehicles (Euro 0, Euro 1 and Euro 2) are not allowed to circulate. In case of alarm due to high pollution levels, these restrictions are also applicable to vehicles of other environmental categories.

    Access and circulation are not permitted under any circumstances when the LTZ is active.
    In Rome car parks are NOT allowed to authorize access to the ZTL.
    Always check the activation times to access the car park.

    Further information https://romamobilita.it/it/servizi/ztl