Author: "Playa de Riazor, La Coruña, España" by Diego Delso,, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikipedia source.

How To Park in A Coruña

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Car Park in A Coruña

How To Park in A Coruña
Author: "Vista de la avenida de la Marina desde la parte de atrás de la Biblioteca Provincial de A Coruña" by Bibliotecadicoruna, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons source.
Located in the Rías Altas, in northwestern Spain, it has one of the main ports in Spain and 2 km of beaches. Not to be missed are the Torre de Hércules, the Cape Fisterra (Heritage of Humanity) and its seafood (the best one!)

Situated on a small promontory overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, La Coruña, a port city in north-west Spain, manages to recreate a Caribbean atmosphere, especially thanks to its colourful houses, built in this way in the past so that returning sailors could recognise their homes even before disembarking. The city will amaze you with its attractions and its relationship with the sea.

How to find cheap park in La Coruña?

If you choose to travel to the city by car, you may find it difficult to park due to increasing demand and limited parking spaces. However, the city does offer a number of alternatives, such as free parking, which you'll learn more about in the article. The only downside is the distance from the centre and the lack of vehicle control. If, on the other hand, you want to make your journey without the stress of parking and without having to live with the fear of finding nasty surprises in your car on your return, rely on Parkimeter, the app through which you can search, compare and choose the most convenient parking space for your needs at the best price. And remember, all the car parks on the platform are guarded and under video surveillance.

How to park near La Coruña's airport?

La Coruña has an airport just a few minutes away from the centre. You can reach it comfortably by car and you can use Parkimeter to find the best parking space at the best price in the AENA General P1 Coruña car park.

How to park near La Coruña station?

There is also a train station in the city, which will allow you to travel throughout Spanish territory, comfortably and without pollution. If you want to get to the station by car, parkimeter makes it much easier. In fact, you can book a space in the SABA ADIF Estacion A Coruña Renfe car park in advance of your arrival. This way, you won't have any surprises and you won't have to wait too long to find a parking space.

What to visit in La Coruña?

La Coruña is a city where tourism has flourished in recent years, mainly due to the cruise ships that dock there every week. The city also has a useful airport just 10 minutes away from the centre. There are many different activities to do in the city, so be prepared to build your own itinerary with this article, which also lists the best car parks near the different attractions.

The city's landmark attraction is the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Tower of Hercules. The lighthouse, which dates back to the Roman period, precisely the 2nd century, is still in operation. At 59 metres high, the exterior was restored in the 18th century, but the interior is still the original. So be sure to pack some comfortable shoes to visit, as you'll have to climb over 200 steep steps. But the "climb" will be worth it because of the magnificent view from the top.

Continuing your visit, another place of interest is Plaza de Maria Pita, dedicated to the Galician heroine who led the revolt that liberated the city from the English in the 16th century, and where the city's town hall is located in a beautiful palace. Here you can enjoy an aperitif or simply take a break while visiting the city. To reach this place by car, we recommend that you choose the SABA Plaza Pontevedra car park, just 10 minutes from the square, which will also allow you to take a wonderful walk and discover the centre.

Even less far from this last suggested car park, you will find the Picasso House Museum. You may be wondering what Picasso has to do with La Coruña. In fact, the artist lived here between the ages of 9 and 13 and the house has been turned into a museum, with period furniture and a display of copies of paintings he made during this period, which already gave hints of what he would do next.

La Coruña is also famous for its so-called medieval quarter, an area rich in history and baroque monuments. In this area you will find several churches, including the 12th century Romanesque Igraxa de Santiago. The historic centre is not very big, the other squares you'll find are: Plaza de Constitucion and Plaza Xeneral Azcarraga, areas where you can stroll in the shade of thick vegetation.


The city's coastline is characterised by white beaches with fine sand and rocky headlands. There are several beaches in the city, the most famous of which is Praia de Riazor, very close to the promenade and with the backdrop of the city's buildings behind you. The sea here is not as choppy as you might think, as the beach is protected by the city's two headlands. Dividing this beach from Praia de Orzan is the Orzan Heroes Monument. This beach is about 600 metres long. Parking near these beaches is not difficult, you can choose the SABA Praza Pontevedra car park, just 5 minutes away from the beaches, where you can leave your car in a safe place.

These beaches are highly frequented, but if you prefer more secluded beaches, our advice is to go as far as Prai das Lapas. Located between the Tower of Hercules and the city aquarium.


Right next to Prai das Lapas you'll find Aquarium Finisterrae, one of the most important aquariums in Spain, where you can spend several hours in the company of family or friends, and enjoy watching without getting a drop wet over the 50 species of fish that reflect the Atlantic marine reality.

What to do in the evening?

In the evenings, the city remains lively, thanks to the various restaurants and bars. There are two harbours in the city and we recommend spending an evening at the Puerto Deportivo, a great place to relax and enjoy a drink while watching the boats. The area is easy to reach if you're in Plaza Maria Pita. In fact, it's only a few minutes away.

What to eat in La Coruña?

The typical dish of this area is rice with prawns and scallops, served directly in the pot, it is a dish rich in seafood, which gives the right note of flavour that will further immerse you in the maritime reality of the city.

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