A Coruña Parkings in Quijote Arena

Author: "QuijoteArena", by Javier martin, licensed under CC BY 2.5, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/ source.

Park in Quijote Arena

The Quijote Arena is a multi-sports pavilion that replaces the old Puerta de Santa María Municipal Pavilion. The arena was inaugurated in 2003 and was initially used for handball sports, with a capacity of 5,863 spectator seats. The pavilion was ceded by the Ciudad Real City Council to the local Ciudad Real Handball Club, which plays its games here.

Where can I park at the Quijote Arena?

The Quijote Arena is located on Avenida de Puertollano s/n in Ciudad Real, Spain. So if you want to arrive by car, you can park without any problems, as the sports center has its own parking lot.

Free public parking near the Quijote Arena pavilion

If you can't find a parking space, there are several free parking options near the Quijote Arena. We also advise you to look for parking options where you can reserve your parking space at Quijote Arena online, otherwise you will have to get to the venue long before the scheduled time to find a parking spot for your car.

Parking on the street in Ciudad Real

You can also park on the street, but we always advise you to find out beforehand about the parking regulations in this city so that you can better plan your visit. This way you will know if it is possible to park in the streets near the sports center, the maximum parking duration and the price.

Ciudad Real and the Ciudad Real Handball Club

Club Balonmano Ciudad Real was a club from the city of Ciudad Real, a Spanish province in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. It has 492,591 inhabitants (INE 2021). The handball club was founded in 1992 and disbanded in 2013, when president Domingo Díaz de Mera reached an agreement with Atlético de Madrid SAD to sponsor the new BM. Neptuno de Madrid to sponsor. In his time Ciudad Real won five ASOBAL leagues, three King's Cups, three Spanish Super Cups and six ASOBAL Cups, the European Cup in 2006, 2008 and 2009, two Cup Winners' Cups and three Super Cups. Two Club World Championships. In 2012 was also founded the club Balonmano Alarcos Ciudad Real, currently playing in the División de Honor Plata.

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