Albacete Parkings in Estadio Carlos Belmonte

Author: "Carlos Belmonte", by Alex83, licensed under CC BY 3.0, source.

Park in Estadio Carlos Belmonte

The Estadio Carlos Belmonte was opened in 1960 and can accommodate 18,000 fans, who can enthusiastically watch the home games of the club Albacete Balompié. The soccer club is located in the Spanish city of Albacete, in the province that also bears the name Albacete.

How to find a parking space at the Estadio Carlos Belmonte

To find parking in Albacete, we always recommend doing your research in advance and booking online with Parkimeter. For example, if you want to park at Estadio Carlos Belmonte, you can choose the parking garage APK2 Avenida de Espana and reserve a parking space on match day.

If this parking garage is full, there are other parking options. So, in order to find a suitable parking space at Estadio Carlos Belmonte on Albacete Balompié home match days and book it in a relaxed way, we always recommend to get informed early.

Albacete Balompié and the Estadio Carlos Belmonte

The club was founded in 1940, played four years in the Primera Division in the 1990s and currently plays in the third Spanish division. Albacete Balompié's first team home games are played at the Estadio Carlos Belmonte.

If you are a soccer fan, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the home of Albacete Balompié. To make your visit as stress-free as possible, we recommend that you always reserve a parking space at Estadio Carlos Belmonte online, as mentioned earlier.

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