Alicante Parkings in IFA Arena

Author: "IFA Arena", by Institución Ferial Alicantina (IFA) - Google maps source.

Park in IFA Arena

The Institución Ferial Alicantina (IFA) is a trade fair organiser that holds around 20 fairs a year in the automotive, footwear, retail, beauty and comic sectors. These events attract a total of more than 300,000 visitors a year.

Inside the venue is the IFA Arena, a multifunctional pavilion with a capacity of more than 15,000 spectators, making it the largest pavilion in the whole of Valencia.

Where to park at the IFA Arena

Parking at the IFA Arena

The Alicante Trade Fair Institution offers all its visitors a 90,000 square metre space with more than 3,000 parking spaces. Thus, users who want to attend by car will have a space where to park it.

If the entry and exit time is less than 15 minutes, the parking will be free of charge. On the other hand, parking all day in the IFA Arena car park costs €3.

Parking near the IFA Arena

Another option to park your vehicle is to park outside the IFA Arena. Just a 5 minute drive from the venue is Torrellano, a small village in the municipality of Elche.

You can park your car in the streets of Torrellano for free and take the bus line 90 Crevillente - Alicante, which stops at the IFA.

In the opposite direction is Alicante Airport, which serves as an alternative to leave your car parked. It is only 7 minutes away from the IFA Arena.

If you want to see the parking options in Torrellano or Alicante Airport, both of which are very close to the IFA Arena, click here. You will be able to reserve your parking space in advance so that you can park in peace and quiet at the venue.

Parking in Elche or Alicante

If you prefer to leave your car in the city of Elche or Alicante because you will be staying there during your stay at the IFA Arena, Parkimeter provides you with all the information you need to know in our articles on where to park in Elche or Alicante, as well as some tips and tricks.

Fairs and events held at the IFA Arena

The IFA Arena regularly hosts major events of various kinds. Examples of fairs taking place at the IFA Arena in 2022 are the Video Game Comic 2022 Alicante, during which various video games, films and comics will be presented, but also other fairs such as FuturModa where various components and machines for leather goods will be presented. Other fairs planned for 2022 are Firamaco and Alicante Gastromica.

In addition, the IFA Arena hosts numerous sporting events such as boxing matches, but there are also other events such as NEOINTEK, UEPAL Alicante and DAHUA Technology.

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