Alicante Parkings in Pabellón Pedro Ferrándiz

Author: "PabellónPedro Ferrándiz, Alicante", By Foundling, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, source.

Park in Pabellón Pedro Ferrándiz

The Pedro Ferrándiz Pavilion, inaugurated in 1993, is a multi-sports facility located in the city of Alicante in Spain, formerly called Centro de Tecnificación y Artes Gimnásticas, but was modified to the current name, in honor of the former basketball coach Pedro Ferrándiz. The Club Baloncesto Lucentum Alicante used to play here until its disappearance in 2015. Nowadays, the Lucentum Foundation plays there. The pavilion has a capacity for 7,500 spectators.

Where to park at the Pabellón Pedro Ferrándiz

If you come by car, you can find different options where to park, although we always recommend you to book online to avoid any inconveniences due to searches on the day of your visit. For example, if you want to park within the area of the Pedro Ferrándiz Pavilion, you can check availability at the Poeta Quintana parking lot and secure your spot if necessary. In this parking you will not only have the possibility to leave your car, but also feel the tranquility of leaving it in a safe and secure place.

Parking of the Pedro Ferrándiz

The Pedro Ferrándiz sports pavilion has its own parking lot, but on days of important events, this is usually the first place to fill up, so we advise you to check all the alternatives to this option in case this happens.

The Club Baloncesto Lucentum Alicante and Fundación Lucentum

The Lucentum Alicante, basketball club located in the city of Alicante, ceases its activity due to debts it incurred in the past without being able to solve, and that is when in 2015 the Lucentum Foundation is created, returning to the LEB Plata category. From 2016 it is renamed HLA Alicante, and in the 2018-2019 season it ascends to the LEB Gold category as first of group in the regular league.

The city of Alicante

Alicante is a Spanish coastal city located on the Mediterranean coast. It has a population of 337,304 inhabitants, making it the second most populous municipality in the autonomous community and the eleventh in the country. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain. So you can not miss a visit to its beaches and old town.

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