Alicante Parkings in Plaza de Toros de Alicante

Park in Plaza de Toros de Alicante

The Plaza de Toros de Alicante is a bullring located in the city of Alicante, initially built in 1848, although it was not until 1888 when it was renovated that it began to take on more importance. It is considered one of the oldest bullrings in operation in the Valencian Community according to the Royal Decree.

The Alicante Bullring has a capacity of approximately 16,000 spectators. It is divided into 3 parts: on the first floor are the seating areas, on the first floor are the stands and on the third floor are the boxes and the andanadas.

Parking in the Plaza de Toros de Alicante

The Alicante Bullring is located close to the Historic Centre: between the Castle of Santa Barbara and the Castle of San Fernando, and the José Rico Pérez Stadium.

It is very difficult to park in the narrow streets surrounding the Plaza de Toros de Alicante as parking spaces are very limited and are usually occupied by the residents of the area. On the other hand, in the busier streets you will find more parking spaces, although these are regulated parking (blue zone).

On event days, moreover, thousands of people also come looking for a place to park their cars, which makes it very difficult to find a parking space. For this reason, we recommend to book a parking space and save the time wasted driving around with your car.

With Parkimeter you can compare and book the parking space that best suits your needs. Here you can see all the parking options available near the Plaza de Toros in Alicante.

If you would like more detailed information on where and how to park in the city, you can read our article on parking in Alicante which will provide you with more information and some tips.

The Blue Zone and the city of Alicante

The Blue Zone in Alicante aims to rotate parking spaces in the city streets with the highest demand, thus providing a better flow of traffic.

The parking spaces are marked with blue paint on the ground, and have different timetables and rates:

La Plaza de Toros de Alicante and its main events

The Alicante Bullring is a bullring designed and built initially to host bullfighting events. It has hosted numerous bullfights every year and has only had one fatal accident in 1911 since its creation.

However, nowadays, the stadium hosts other events such as concerts, political rallies and sporting events. The 2004 Davis Cup semi-final and the 1952 final of the Copa del Generalísimo basketball tournament were played there.

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