Almería Parkings in Estadio Juan Rojas

Author: "Estadio Juan Rojas", by Schumi4ever, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, source.

Park in Estadio Juan Rojas

Estadio Juan Rojas was opened in 1976 and was used as a soccer stadium and home ground of AD Almeria until 2004. After some renovations, it was reopened in 2018 as a rugby stadium and is currently used by the UR Almeria rugby team. It can accommodate 13,500 fans and is located in the Spanish city of Almeria, in the region of Andalusia.

Parking at the Estadio Juan Rojas

To find parking in Almeria, we always recommend doing your research in advance and booking online with Parkimeter. If you want to park at Estadio Juan Rojas, there is a free outdoor parking option. Additionally, there are also some parking garages in Almeria and parking garages near Estadio Juan Rojas.

Parking garages and free parking in Almeria

Almeria offers of course some parking facilities, such as in the parking garages 'Parking PARKIA - La Rambla, ALMERIA' which is located in Av. Federico Garcia Lorca and 'Parking Hermanos Machado' which is located in C. Hermanos Machado. There you can find excellent parking in the beautiful city of Almeria.

Furthermore, there are free parking options in Almeria, such as the public parking lot Parking APK2 Rambla located in Av. Federico Garcia Lorca, 52.

The soccer club AD Almeria and the rugby club UR Almeria

AD Almeria was a soccer club from 1971-1982 that played its home games at the Estadio Juan Rojas, but was dissolved due to economic problems.

UR Almeria is a rugby club that was founded in 2013 and plays in the Spanish rugby league Division de Honor B, in Group C. The club currently plays its home matches at Estadio Juan Roja.

If you are a rugby fandom or vacationing in Andalusia, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the home of UR Almeria. To make your visit as stress-free as possible, we recommend that you always book a parking space at Estadio Juan Rojas online, as mentioned earlier.

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