Book a parking spot in Park & Greet Barcelona T1 y T2 car park

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Address: Parc de Negocis Mas Blau II carrer de l'Alt Camp, 9, 08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat (See similar parkings around)

Book a parking spot in Park & Greet Barcelona T1 y T2 car park
Parking location in the map - Book a parking spot in Park & Greet Barcelona T1 y T2 car park

This car park offers a quality Park and Greet service to airport users, park there and a private driver will drive you to the airport, in complete peace of mind, at your own pace.

The car park has baby seats, if you need them, please let us know in advance.

Transfers of more than 4 passengers have to be paid directly to the car park.
For transfers outside opening hours (00:31h to 4:59h), 10€ extra
Transfer of special luggage (skis, surfboards, etc.), 15€ extra per trip.

Parking near Terminal 1, Terminal 2.

Parking access system

When you enter the car park take the ticket and show your confirmation at the control booth.


Transportation to the terminal is included using the parking shuttle.

Travel time 4 min.
Shuttle frequency 0 min.

Important information about transfer service

At the departure Your private driver will take you to the corresponding terminal in the departure area, without waiting and always at your own pace (T1 - 4min, T2 - 3min, Corporate Terminal - 6min). On your return Once you have collected your luggage call the car park to request your collection, you will receive instructions via SMS with the name of your driver, contact telephone number and car number. Your private driver will be waiting for you at the departure area at T1 and T2, just after the taxi station.

Booking rates

* Prices may vary by season.

ONEPASS You can't get in and out during your stay. onepass ONEPASS
  • Car
One hour €10.00
2 hours €10.00
3 hours €10.00
4 hours €10.00
12 hours €10.00
24h €10.00
2 days €20.00 €15.00
3 days €30.00 €26.00
4 days €40.00 €32.00
5 days €50.00 €35.00
6 days €60.00 €38.00
7 days €70.00 €42.00
14 days €140.00 €70.00
21 days €210.00 €100.00
31 days €310.00 €150.00

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Opening hours

Monday - Sunday 05:00 - 00:30
Holidays 05:00 - 00:30

Car park services

  • 		Maximum vehicle size:<br />
		Height: 9m.		Width: 2.4m.		Length: 4.9m.
    Maximum vehicle size:
    Height: 9m. Width: 2.4m. Length: 4.9m.
  • Handicap access
    Handicap access
  • Attendant keeps the key
    Attendant keeps the key
  • Guarded parking
    Guarded parking
  • 		Main cash desk in level 0
    Main cash desk in level 0
  •         Exterior

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