Barcelona Parkings in El Congrés i els Indians

El Congrés is a quarter of the district of Sant Andreu that takes its name from the Catalans, called "Indians", who have been to the Americas. Once at home, they built residences, like the Torre Rosa, that reflected the fortune made overseas.

Author: Wikimedia source.

Park in El Congrés i els Indians

Between Guinardó, Sagrera and Vilapicina and the Torre Llobeta is a unique district, Congrés i els Indiens, one of the seven districts that make up the [Sant Andreu] district ( It is bounded by the streets of Alexandre Galí, Ramon Albó, Riera d'Horta, Concepció Arenal, Garcilaso, Felip II and Puerto Príncipe.

This district is the result of the merger of two population centres into one. Two main festivals, a civic center and nearly fifteen thousand people make up this quiet neighborhood, but at the same time full of life and movement.

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