Barcelona Parkings in La Sagrera

Administratively integrated in the district of Sant Andreu, La Sagrera has two different areas, a newer part and the old town. Currently, the quarter is in a process of transformation, represented by the new AVE train station.

Author: Wikimedia source.

Park in La Sagrera

La Sagrera is one of the seven neighbourhoods that make up the district of La Sagrera Sant Andreu in Barcelona although it never belonged to the former municipality of Sant Andreu de Palomar, but in Sant Martí de Provensals.

Abbot Oliva, in the face of the threats that the nobles of the 11th century made to the peasants, made an agreement with them to create the sagreres, an area around the churches to protect them. This is how the district of La Sagrera was born, as a protected area of the village of Sant Martí de Provensals.

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