Barcelona Parkings in Las Ramblas

La Rambla represents the whole essence of Barcelona. It is mandatory to take a walk if you visit it. Park your car with Parkimeter and enjoy a unique experience in one of the most representative and fascinating areas of the city.

Author: "La Rambla BCN 04 2016 6778" by Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz), licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 <> , via Wikimedia Commons source.

Park in Las Ramblas

Where to park in Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas used to be a natural waterway that collected the water from the upper part of the city of Barcelona and flowed into the sea, so the Ramblas end in the south at the port of Barcelona, next to the statue of Columbus. Finding where to park on the Ramblas is almost impossible because of its scarcity of parking and narrow streets, plus it is one of the busiest areas of Barcelona. However, there are some options that we will share for parking near Las Ramblas.

Next to the marina is the neighborhood of Barceloneta, of seafaring origin, where you can find the best fish and seafood restaurants in the city. At the end of the Juan de Borbón promenade, next to the Barceloneta restaurant and the Altamar Tower is the parking Plaza del Mar, the parking Barceloneta closest to the beach and the promenade.

Las Ramblas represent the essence of the city of Barcelona. It is an essential walk if you visit Barcelona. Lined with dozens of newsstands, this area has become, over the years, the backbone of the famous Catalan town. Thousands and thousands of tourists pass day after day along the Rambla, being seduced both by its classic charm and by the stores that rule the neighborhood.

Parking on the Ramblas in Barcelona

Through Parkimeter you can find a wide range of parking lots throughout the Ramblas area, covering options of different costs per stay and different infrastructures. We work with parking lots located both near Plaza Colón and in the vicinity of Plaza Cataluña. If you want, for example, to find parking on the Ramblas in Barcelona, compare prices and book your parking space online, do it here.

public transport on the Ramblas in Barcelona

On the other hand, there are easier ways to get to the famous Ramblas of Barcelona, since it is just near Plaza Catalunya where you can find the Catalunya metro station (L1, L3, L6 and L7) and the train station (R1, R3, R4, R7, S1, S1T, S2 and S2T).

On the same rambla you have the metro station Liceu (L3) and at the end of the rambla near the Port you have the metro station Drassanes (L3).

The above options are the closest to Las Ramblas but around the area you have other metro lines such as Universitat station (L1 and L2). So on this side, if you don't take the car or you decide to park somewhere else like La Sagrada Familia, you can take the Sagrada Familia metro and get to Universitat station and walk 3 minutes to Las Ramblas.

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