Barcelona Parkings in Maremagnum

It is a shopping center located in Port Vell in Barcelona. The range of products is wide. The principal brands are H&M, Swatch, Mango and Zara. It is near the Aquarium and is well connected. You can access either by bus (14) or by subway (L3).

Author: Ajuntament de Barcelona .

Park in Maremagnum

The Maremagnum is a shopping center located near the waterfront. It is situated near the Port Vell and the Rambla del Mar. There, you will find numerous shops, restaurants, and leisure spaces. It is a modern and welcoming space where shopping will be a pleasure for you. Among the stores, you will find both luxury brands and popular fast fashion brands.

It's a great opportunity to go shopping, grab a bite to eat, have a drink, or even enjoy a movie night in the idyllic setting of Barcelona.

Where to park near Maremagnum?

As it is located near a port, parking can be as challenging as parking in the city center. However, there is a parking facility with around 800 spaces owned by the shopping center itself to accommodate a significant portion of its clientele.

How to get to Maremagnum?


Public transportation is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to reach Maremagnum. You can take bus lines 19 and 40, which stop at Passeig de Colom, and they will take you there.


The L2 and L3 metro lines will drop you off just a few minutes' walk from the final destination. The metro is a fast and frequent mode of transportation, making it an ideal solution to reach your destination.


Yellow and black taxis are available to take you from point A to point B upon request. However, please note that traffic conditions may vary depending on the time of day or events taking place. Taxis are priced per minute, which can make the cost add up quickly.

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