Barcelona Parkings in Monumental

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Park in Monumental

Where to park in Monumental

If you are planning to visit Barcelona's Plaza Monumental, distinguished for being a bullring that was inaugurated in 1914 with its former name Plaza de El Sport, we recommend you to look for where to park in Monumental through Parkimeter. Here you can compare rates and parking lots in a very easy way.

Parking on the street in Monumental

On the other hand, in front of the Plaza Monumental and the surrounding area there are green zone, white zone and blue zone parking lots.

The green zone has preference for residents; however, other people who are not residents can park but with different conditions.

In Diputació street, next to Monumental, you have blue zone parking. This zone is payable for everyone and you have a time limit between 1 and 4 hours.

All the information you need is on each parking meter located on the street you want to park. We advise you to look at this information before parking to avoid confusion or mistakes.

Parking in Monumental

If you want to park safely in Monumental, we suggest: parking Manhattan Turismos - Aragó, parking BSM Encants, Parking Teatre Nacional - Auditori.

On the other hand, you can park in Plaza Tetúan in the following parking lots: Parking Alpha: Monumental - Tetuán - Bingo Billares or parking Casp 83, among others.

To see more options you can click here.

Remember that although there are parking lots that may be free on the street, this does not guarantee you will find a space. In this area there are more paid parking spaces than free ones. Therefore, if you are going to invest some money in parking anyway, we recommend you to park in a secure parking lot.

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