Barcelona Parkings in Palau de la Música Catalana

The Palau de la Música, an auditorium that is a symbol of modern architecture, has been declared World Heritage Site and there have performed great musicians such as Pau Casals, Richard Strauss or Jacques Thibaud. It is easily accessed from Urquinaona.

Author: "Palau de la Música Catalana-9" by bep, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, Via Wikimedia Commons source.

Park in Palau de la Música Catalana

Where to park at Palau de la Música Catalana

The Palau de la Música Catalana is located in the district of Sant Pere. A little hidden that you will have to get between the streets of Barcelona to get there, but you will certainly find it because of its great facade so unique. But, where to park at Palau de la Música Catalana? It is clear that this area is full of very narrow streets and most of them are pedestrian or parking is prohibited.

Parking in Palau de la Música Catalana

If you take the car to approach the auditorium, it is a fact that you will not be able to park exactly on the site, but do not be discouraged because although it is tucked between its narrow streets, it is also very close to the Via Laietana. On this avenue is located just a parking that is ideal for your visit, the Parking Garage Layetana 66. If you park here, you will reach the Palau de la Música Catalana in just 4 minutes on foot.

You can also park in Plaza Cataluña at Parking Coliseum Barcelona for a 13-minute walk.

To see more parking options at Palau de la Música Catalana, compare rates and book online, go online here.

Free parking at Palau de la Música Catalana

Free parking in Barcelona, especially on the streets, is possible as long as it is outside of parking hours. Since parking in Barcelona is regulated and is subject to a limited parking time paying a fee depending on whether you are a resident or not. That said, as long as you are not within the established hours, you can park for free, as well as on holidays and Sundays.

In Palau de la Música Catalana it is very difficult to find a free zone, as it is located in one of the busiest areas of Barcelona. For this you will have to move away from the center and take public transportation which you will have to pay for. It is important to take into consideration that this option does not guarantee you to find an available parking space. To park on the street, we recommend you to check the information on the parking meters to see if it is possible and what are the conditions.

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