Barcelona Parkings in Sagrada Família

The Sagrada Familia is the masterpiece of Antonio Gaudi. It is the most famous landmark in Barcelona and the most visited monument in Spain. It is a church that is a World Heritage Site.

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Park in Sagrada Família

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Parking near La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona can be very difficult. The few parking spaces on the street are usually full at peak times and it is compulsory to pay (blue zone and green zone) with a maximum limit of two hours, which may not be enough time for a good visit to the basilica.

The parking lots near the Sagrada Família also tend to be full at peak times and even more so at times of year when there are more intense tourist visits. In spring and summer thousands of people go to visit the Basilica of the Sagrada Família.

It is therefore advisable to book a parking space, just as it is compulsory to buy tickets in advance and online to see the Sagrada Familia inside.

La Sagrada Família: 144 years in the making

At present, 70% of the work on the church has been completed and the construction board is aiming to finish all the architecture by 2026 (there is still a lot of sculptural work to be done). Bearing in mind that construction began in 1882, that would be 144 years of work.

Between 2015 and 2016 much progress was made in the construction, with the completion of the west sacristy, the upper portico of the Passion façade and many parts of the interior of the Basilica.

So every time you visit Barcelona and see the Sagrada Família, you will be looking at a different work of art: a living, evolving monument.

Antoni Gaudí and Barcelona

Antoni Gaudí is one of the most universal figures of Catalan culture and one of the most internationally renowned architects. He was born in Reus in 1852 and died in a tragic accident in which he was run over by a tram. The procession of his coffin travelled all over Barcelona until it reached the Sagrada Familia, in whose crypt he is buried, in the chapel of the Virgen del Carmen.

If visiting the Sagrada Familia you feel an attraction for Gaudí's work and for Catalan Modernism, you are in luck: during your visit to Barcelona you can enjoy many of Gaudí's works, there is even the so-called Modernism Route, which passes, among other places, through Parc Güell, by Gaudí himself, the Palau de la Música or the Hospital de Sant Pau, by Domènech i Montaner.

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