Barcelona Parkings in Sant Andreu

Sant Andreu is one of the ten districts of Barcelona and it is situated in the northeast of the city. It is full of festivities and traditions that make it a unique neighborhood. Park with Parkimeter and visit the most authentic district in Barcelona.

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Park in Sant Andreu

The neighborhood of Sant Andreu is the ninth of the ten districts into which Barcelona is divided, and it's the third largest.

Despite being away from the city center, this neighborhood still encapsulates the essence of Catalonia: picturesque places, history, and century-old establishments. The main landmarks of the neighborhood include Plaza Mercadal, Plaça de Orfila, the neoclassical church Sant Andreu del Palomar, as well as the church of Sant Pacià (where you can admire Gaudí's mosaics).

Parking near Sant Andreu

Even though parking in Barcelona can be complicated, the Sant Andreu neighborhood has several parking options. You can also park on the street (check current regulations), if you're lucky.

You can also search for parking in Sant Andreu; there are many affordable parking facilities in the neighborhood.

With Parkimeter, finding parking in Barcelona is easy and quick. You can compare and locate a large number of parking options on the city map, choosing according to your preferences. Find safe and convenient parking with Parkimeter!

How to get to Sant Andreu

Using public transportation:

  • Metro: Line 1 (red) - Take Barcelona's metro Line 1 and get off at the "Sant Andreu" station.
  • Bus: Lines 11, 34, 36, 40, 42, 62, 96 - These bus lines have stops near the Sant Andreu neighborhood.
  • Renfe: "Barcelona-Sant Andreu Arenal" station or "Barcelona-Sant Andreu Comtal" station.
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