Barcelona Parkings in Teatre Victòria

The Teatre Victoria, originally known as the Soriano Pavilion or the "Suri" and whose origins date back to 1890, is today one of the most culturally active theaters in Barcelona and entertains the public with high quality cabaret.

Author: Wikimedia source.

Park in Teatre Victòria

Teatre Victòria was founded in 1905 by the Soriano brothers, hence its original name of "Pabellón Soriano". In 2019, Antonio Díaz, better known as El Mago Pop, acquired the Victoria Teatre. ​ It is located on Avenida del Paral-lel, a place known for its discotheques such as Apolo or Plataforma, as well as for the Barts concert hall, in the vicinity of Ciutat Vella.

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