How to park in Bilbao: cheap parking options in Bilbao

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Car Park in Bilbao

How to park in Bilbao: cheap parking options in Bilbao
Park in Bilbao is not easy. Book your parking space with Parkimeter and don't worry about your car! Do not forget to visit the Guggenheim Museum or enjoy tapas and a good Txakoli wine in the old town.

Is not an easy task to try to find a way to park in Bilbao: firstly, finding a free parking space, and secondly, even when you do find one, the worry of finding unpleasant surprises when you get back to your car may distract you from enjoying your trip.

That's why our advice doesn't stop there, because there's another cheap, quick and safe alternative that could solve all your parking and stress problems. By using Parkimeter's services you can park in the city centre at a price of your choice.

Just follow these simple steps: - Download the Parkimeter app or visit the website; - Compare the prices of car parks in your chosen area; - Choose the one that best suits your needs; - Reserve your parking space. Remember that all the car parks in Bilbao on the platform are guarded, so you can enjoy your stay in the city without any worries.

Cheap parking in Bilbao

The historic centre of Bilbao is regulated by OTA in 12 zones. In these areas you will find ticket machines. This system has different forms of payment, and offers many options, including remote parking renewal and even reimbursement of the hours you don't park if you pick up your car before the end of the paid time. It runs from 9:00 to 13:30 and from 15:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays in more central areas. On streets where the OTA system operates, you can only park your car for 2 or 5 hours, depending on whether the zone is marked blue or green. However, the main difficulty with this type of choice is that it is difficult to find free spaces due to the high usage, especially by locals.

Below we show you the rates according to the zone in which you may park:

Green zone: - 0,0€ por 15 minutos. - 0,52€ for 30 minutes. - 1,27€ for 1 hour. - 3,15€ for 2 hours. - 6,15€ for 3 hours. - 9,45€ for 4 hours. - 13,00€ por 5 horas.

Blue zone: - 0,0€ por 15 minutos. - 0,52€ for 30 minutes. - 1,27€ for 1 hour. - 2,06€ for 1 hour and 30 minutes. - 3,15€ por 2 horas.

Also: Bilbao offers free parking for your car, but unfortunately these options are not very central. If you choose to use one of the following car parks, unless you like long walks, you will have to rely on public transport.

Below is a list of neighbourhoods where you can find free parking and their characteristics:

Parking Zones in Bilbao

Deusto: Area away from the centre, about 25 minutes walk, and known for its prestigious university, has some free parking spaces.

San Ignacio: Area a little further away from the more touristy parts of the city, has many free parking spaces.

Although Bilbao is not a big city, it is not advisable to go to the centre from San Ignacio, as it would be much more than half an hour.

Txurdinaga: A case very similar to the other areas, although a bit further away from the central part of the city. It is an area with few people, so although it may be relatively easy to find a parking space, we will leave our vehicle fairly unprotected in the face of possible threats.

Artxanda: Area on the outskirts of the city where the mountain range of the same name is located. It is the furthest option to find free parking in Bilbao. Its connections with the centre are more limited, so the only option will be to go on foot.

Parking near Bilbao station

The Abando Indalecio Prieto station is located in the heart of the city. It offers many routes, from the nearest to the furthest places, and is located in Placa Circular. Located right in the city centre, it is advisable to book your arrival by car well in advance. You can book if you need a parking space at the SABA ADIF car park, located just next to the station.

Parking near Bilbao stadium

Another cathedral of the city is the San Mames stadium, which accompanies the home games of the local club, Athletic Bilbao. Finding a parking space here may seem difficult, but parkimeter has the solution to your problems. Book your parking space at the Palacio Eskalduna, located just a 5-minute walk from the venue. Quest

How to park near the Bilbao bus station?

Located in the same area as the stadium, San Mames, the bus station is a great place to start your journey, choosing a sustainable way of getting around, after having left your car in a secure place. Again, we recommend parking at the Palacio Eskalduna, located just 8 minutes from the station.

How to park near the Deusto district?

Connected to the city centre by several bridges, the Deusto district is separated from the rest of the city by the Ria. The inhabitants of this neighbourhood are called 'tomato growers' and have a great tradition regarding pintxos, so going to this neighbourhood to taste them is a must. But how do you park in this neighbourhood, which, among other things, is home to the university. As you can imagine, it is quite difficult to find a place on the street, especially due to the high traffic in the city. But Parkimeter has the answer to this question, because if you book a space at Deusto-Clinica IMQ or Madariaga Park, you will be able to park in a safe and supervised place for your car and most of all you will not waste time looking for a space on the street, and all this just a few meters from the centre of the neighborhood.

Parking near Bilbao airport?

We all know how convenient it is to get to the airport by car, but finding a space is not always easy, especially when you're on a tight schedule. But with Parkimeter you can book your parking space before your arrival, so you can avoid last-minute rush. By booking at AENA General car park, located next to Bilbao airport, you will have the solution to this problem.

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