Bilbao Parkings in Bilbao Arena

Author: "Bilbao Arena", by Xabi1980, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, source.

Park in Bilbao Arena

The Bilbao Arena, also known as the Bilbao Sports Palace, is located in the Miribilla district of Bilbao, in the city of Bilbao, Basque Country. The venue is one of the most modern and avant-garde in the country and has a capacity of approximately 10.000 spectators and an indoor arena where sports competitions are held.

In addition to the basketball games of the local Bilbao Basket team, the arena is also used as a swimming pool and gymnasium for the residents and neighbours of Bilbao's Miribilla neighbourhood.

Where to park at the Bilbao Arena

The Bilbao Arena does not have a car park for its visitors, although parking spaces can easily be found in the surrounding area. The pavilion is surrounded by several parking spaces where users can leave their cars, although these are regulated parking spaces (green zone).

On days when events are held at the Arena Bilbao, it may be more difficult to find an available space due to the large number of people attending the venue. That is why we recommend to book a parking space in advance, to save time and to be clear about the cost of the fee.

With Parkimeter you will be able to compare and book the days and times that suit you best in advance, to secure a parking space and save you from driving around with your car looking for a free space. To see the different parking options in the area, click here.

Green Zone and Blue Zone in the city of Bilbao

Depending on the area of Bilbao where you move around you can find regulated parking in the Green Zone or Blue Zone. Both are distinguished by the colours of the parking space but also by their rates.

Green Zone The Green Zone is especially for residents, although anyone can park in it. You can park for a maximum of 5 hours and the rates are as follows: 15 minutes: 0,10€ 30 minutes: 0,40€ 1 hour: 1,25€ 2 hours: 3,25€ 3 hours: 6,25€ 4 hours: 9,65€ * 5 hours: 13,30€

Blue Zone The Blue Zone is a parking rotation zone where you can park for a maximum of 2 hours and the rates are as follows: 15 minutes: 0,10€ 30 minutes: 0,40€ 1 hour: 1,25€ 1 hour and 30 minutes: 2,15€ * 2 hours: 3,25€

If you want more information on where to park in Bilbao, you can read our article on where to park in Bilbao.

Events held at the Bilbao Arena

The Bilbao Arena hosts sporting competitions and since its inauguration in 2010, it has hosted major sporting events such as the U-20 Eurobasket in 2011 or the Badminton World Youth Championships in 2016.

It also hosts concerts by well-known artists such as Scorpions, Nicky Jam, Melendi and David Bisbal.

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