Cáceres Parkings in Pabellón Universitario V Centenario

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Park in Pabellón Universitario V Centenario

The Pabellón Universitario V Centenario is a sports complex that belongs to the University of Extremadura and is located on the university campus in the Spanish city of Cáceres.

The pavilion is known for hosting Cáceres C.B.'s home games in the ACB League for many years, more specifically since the 1992-93 season, when the club achieved promotion to the ACB League.

## Parking at the University Pavilion V Centenario

To park near the Pabellón Universitario V Centenario in the city of Cáceres there are few options at street level, as the area does not have many parking spaces around it. What you will find nearby are several car parks for students and teachers of the universities in the area (it is a university area).

You can find free parking spaces if you go a little further away from the Pabellón Universitario V Centenario.

Parking should not be a problem, as there are several parking spaces on the street and there are a few car parks in the area.

Public car parks in Cáceres

However, if you would prefer to park in the V Centenario University Pavilion, don't hesitate to book a parking space through the website or the Parkimeter app.

To park in Cáceres, there are several options available on the Parkimeter website. For example, you can park in the centre of Cáceres, use a covered car park in Cáceres or opt for the cheapest long term parking in an open area. Choose the parking option in Cáceres that suits you best.

The facilities of the Pabellón Universitario V Centenario and C.B. Cáceres

The Pabellón Universitario V Centenario has several pavilions and playing fields for the practice of numerous sports. The main pavilion has a capacity for up to 4,000 people.

The basketball club Cáceres C.B., also called Negro y Verde (Black and Green) because these are the typical colours of the team's jerseys, moved to the more modern Pabellón Multiusos "Ciudad de Cáceres" for the 1998-99 season. However, the club has since disbanded.

If you want to park near the Pabellón Universitario V Centenario or are simply looking for a parking space in Cáceres, we always recommend booking in advance with Parkimeter.

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