Cullera Parkings in Playa De Cullera

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Park in Playa De Cullera

Where to park nearby Cullera Beach

Cullera is a trendy place for locals and tourists in the summer/warm months because of its beach. People from the region come to the city by car to enjoy a day at the beach. Cullera is not very big, so parking your car near the beach can be difficult. If you don't want to spend a long time looking for a parking space in the crowd, and if you want to park your car safely, book a parking space in advance through Parkimeter and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

It is advisable to find out where you want to spend your day in advance. There are several beaches spread over 15 kilometres, so find a parking space near your chosen beach to avoid walking a lot. In addition, parking can be pretty expensive at popular beaches.

Cullera Beach

Spread over 15 kilometers of sandy beach, Cullera has not one but a total of eleven beaches. At the foot of the promenade lies Playa de San Antonio, the largest and most popular beach in Cullera. In addition, Playa del Racó is also a famous beach. If you prefer something quieter, visit the following beaches: Playa del Dosel, Playa El Marenyet or Playa La Escollera.

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