Donostia - San Sebastián Parkings in Velódromo Antonio Elorza

Park in Velódromo Antonio Elorza

The Velódromo Antonio Elorza is a sports hall (is also called indoor arena) in the Spanish city of San Sebastián, which is currently used for several sports. The indoor arena has a capacity for up to 5,500 people and was first used in 1965.

Parking at the Velódromo Antonio Elorza

In order to park as relaxed and safe as possible at Velódromo Antonio Elorza, we recommend that you always check ahead and plan your parking options before your visit. Simply book your parking online with Parkimeter.

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Events Velódromo Antonio Elorza

The Velódromo Antonio Elorza is used for several sports, which include indoor athletics and motorcross events. In addition to sporting events, concerts are also held at Velódromo Antonio Elorza.

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