Elche Parkings in Manuel Martínez Valero Stadium

Author: "Estadio MartínezValero Elche", by José Carlos Díez, dominio público source.

Park in Manuel Martínez Valero Stadium

The Estadio Manuel Martínez Valero, inaugurated in 1976, is the official stadium that hosts the matches of the Elche city football team, Elche CF. It is named after Manuel Martínez Valero, the former president of the club, who held the position for 16 years. The stadium has a total capacity of 36,017 seats available for fans to enjoy football matches.

Where to park in the Estadio Manuel Martínez Valero

Parking at the Martínez Valero

The Manuel Martínez Velero Stadium provides parking spaces within the stadium itself, although these are limited, so they cannot guarantee a place for all the fans who want to attend the football matches.

Parking on the street

In addition to the parking spaces available inside the Manuel Martínez Velero Stadium, you can find many others available outside the football field, as the area is surrounded by open spaces that offer more parking and streets with signs for free parking.

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Manuel Martínez Valero Stadium and Elche CF

Elche CF was founded in 1923 and is an important club in Spain. It is a second division club that in its history, has won twice. However, Elche CF has also played a few seasons in the elite division. The club currently plays in the first division in La Liga since 2020.

The stadium is located in the city of Elche, Spain, and is the largest in its region, Alicante, which has allowed it to host international matches on its turf.

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