Gijón Parkings in Palacio de Deportes de Gijón

Author: "Palacio de Deportes de Gijón", by Asturkian, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, source.

Park in Palacio de Deportes de Gijón

Palacio de Deportes de Gijón also known as Palacio de Deportes de La Guía is a multifunctional stadium located in the city of Gijón, which is situated in the province of Asturias. It is an indoor stadium built in 1992 and holds 7.500 people during sporting events and 8.500 during non-sporting events such as concerts and trade fairs. Sports matches are played here, especially basketball and handball, which are popular attractions.

Where can I park at Palacio de Deportes de Gijón?

Where can I park as close as possible to Palacio de Deportes de Gijón?

You can park at Palacio de Deportes de Gijón because this indoor stadium has its own parking facilities of up to 2.000 spaces. Of course, this is not enough to give all visitors a place to park. Therefore, arranging a parking space via Parkimeter in advance is advisable to be sure of a parking space. Not only does this prevent you from driving around for hours, but you also know the parking rates in advance.

Parking on the street

Close to the Palacio de Deportes de Gijón is the Estadio El Molinón Enrique Castro "Quini" the stadium of the football club Sporting Gijón. If the football club is not playing a match, there is a chance to park your car near the stadium. From the stadium, you can cross a bridge over the water to Museo del pueblo de Asturias, which is on your left when you turn right to get to the Palacio de Deportes.

You can also park along the Paseo Dr. Fleming road. But to be really sure of a parking space, it is best to arrange this in advance. It is very easy to book a parking space in advance via the Parkimeter website or application. Please do not worry about parking but enjoy the sporting events.

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