Granada Parkings in Paseo de los Tristes

Author: "Granada, Paseo de los Tristes, fuente" by Palickap, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 <> , via Wikimedia Commons source.

Park in Paseo de los Tristes

Where to park at Paseo de los Tristes

The Paseo de los Tristes is one of the most appreciated places by the people of Granada and by the tourists. It is located in the Darro Valley, one of the main streets of the city where most of the tourist sites are concentrated. It is also very close to the famous Alhambra and the Albaicin. In fact, from the Paseo, you can see part of the Alhambra, even from one of the little bars and restaurants that are located there. If you are thinking of taking the car to get to this destination, we advise you to first park in a public parking lot that is nearby, since in the street where Paseo de los Tristes is located you cannot park. In fact nowhere in the Center, unless it is for a very short time and only in some streets.

Parking in a public parking near Paseo de los Tristes

To go to Paseo de los Tristes it is best to do it on foot, since as mentioned before, it is located on the main street of Granada where most of its attractions are: stores, restaurants, bars, museums, among others. Therefore, the first thing we suggest you to do is book a parking space near Paseo de los Tristes through Parkimeter.

Street parking near Paseo de los Tristes

The streets near Paseo de los Tristes are very narrow and are not meant for people to park. The only option is to walk a bit further into the surrounding neighborhoods and look for parking. The zones where you can park are the blue, green and red zones, but these street parking spaces are in neighborhoods such as Camino de Ronda, San Ildefonso and Zaidín, to name a few.

Consider that you will still have to pay a fee depending on the type of zone and parking time is limited. If you want to park closer and in a safer parking lot, do it through the Parkimeter platform, where you can find different parking lots and book online in a very simple way.

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