Hannover Parkings in Hanover old town in the city center

Author: Wikimedia source.

Park in Hanover old town in the city center

In the past, the old town of Hannover was even larger, full of beautiful half-timbered houses and characterized by many small alleys, some of which were left over from the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, these were destroyed during the Second World War, and today only forty of the historic old town houses remain. Then in 1950, the city of Hannover decided to build a new old town district, which is now a real in district and is one of the most popular attractions in the city.

Old Town Hannover: What can you do and where is the best place to park?

Ballhofplatz Hannover is home to many restaurants, bars and cafes. So there you can relax in peace and watch the water play of the Ballhof fountain. So if you come to Hanover for a city trip and want to relax for a short while, this place is great. You can also visit the wooden building with the replica of Leibniz House.

Parking for free is not so easy in the old town of Hannover. However, there are several parking garages such as the parking garage Altstadt/ Schmiedestraße hanova CITY PARKEN.

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