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Car Park in Lisbon - Humberto Delgado Airport

Lisbon airport parking options

Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport, also called Portela, is the largest international airport in the entire country. The Portuguese airport has many parking facilities, so parking at Lisbon Airport is easy.

Flights depart from Lisbon Airport to major European and intercontinental cities around the world. Lisbon Airport is located 7 km north of the city center in Lisbon. It has two terminals. To facilitate the transportation of passengers, these terminals are connected by buses. But how to get to the airport in the first place, if you are in the city?

Transfer options to Lisbon Airport

At the airport, there are all the usual airport services, including: Car rental, currency exchange, a lost luggage sector, duty free stores and ticket sales.

Lisbon Airport is located within the city limits and visitors can arrive by one of three modes of transportation: the metro, the dedicated bus service (Aerobus) or cab. The metro was reconnected to the airport in October 2013 and the aerobus service has evolved significantly as a direct result of this change.

Metro: The easiest and cheapest way to get to Lisbon city center.

Especially if you are traveling alone and/ or want to save money the metro is suitable. The airport station is in Terminal 1, where most flights arrive, including those from Brazil. But if you are traveling in Europe, your flight may arrive at Terminal 2, where you have a free transfer to Terminal 1.

The airport line is the red Liunie and it connects to two other lines that are very well signposted. But be careful, because the subway runs from 6:30 am to 1:00 am. Lisbon metro passage costs only €1.45 with the Viva card, which you buy at the vending station (it costs €0.50) and then reload in time at the same small machine. Keep it as you have to hand it in at the ratchet when you leave the station. Another good option (if it is the case) is to buy the 24h ticket, which costs €6.15. Or the Lisboa Card, which gives you an e-discount on attractions.


Another option is to use the buses, but it's not so practical because you have to change buses until you get to the center, and the suitcase is average standard size. And you also need the Viva card, which you buy at the metro station. But if you need to go by bus, you have the executive, the Aerobus, which goes through Terminals 1 and 2 and then extends at various points in the city. The pass can be purchased on the Aerobus site or at the tourist information counter in Lisbon.

Both modes of transportation qualify the same and take about the same amount of time. The metro is cheaper (1.45€ to buy a one-way ticket + 0.50€ for the Viva Travel Card) and has more connections per hour, but you need a shuttle to get to the center of Lisbon, and heavy luggage must be carried up the escalator. The Aerobus is more expensive (3.50€), but the route takes you directly to Baja and allows you to see more of the city. The aerobus departs from the parking lot in front of the disembarkation hall.

Taxi as a means of transportation in Lisbon

Cab service from the airport is the easiest way to continue your trip. Trips within the city limits should cost less than €15, but trips to tourist spots are much more expensive, so it is advisable to make a reservation. Cab fares are based on meter reading, but most cab drivers insist on a fixed price, so you should always negotiate a price before leaving the airport.

Park your own car reliably

If you are driving to the airport and want to park your car in the parking garage, parking garages 3 and 6 are best for medium-term parking. Parking garage 5 is suitable for long-term parking. Medium-term parking costs about 14 € per day, long-term parking costs about 5 € per day (price only if you book online). You can also request Valetexpress, a service that picks up and parks your car. For hybrid and electric vehicles there is the Ecoparking.

Parking options: Where to park at Lisbon Airport.

ANA Airports of Portugal has parking facilities at Lisbon Airport with several options that ensure your comfort, security and a fee depending on the service.

In addition to the different options (Low Cost, Low Cost Plus, Classic, Executive and Premium) to park your car, the Permium parking service, called Valetxpress, is also available.

In addition to the above options, ANA Airports of Portugal parking facilities offer other options, such as EcoParking - for hybrid and electric vehicles, or MicroParking - for vehicles shorter than 3 meters.

Airport facility and terminals

Lisbon Airport is an old airport that was established before the Second World War. As part of a major renovation program in 2009, a second terminal was built to support all domestic flights. As part of the renovation, the airport's appearance was improved and is much more attractive than it was 10 years ago.

There are now no long waits at baggage claim or security check, and the emigration office is located in a spacious new building. The factors that limit the number of daily flights from Lisbon Airport are the facilities (including terminals) and not the number of available runway slots. This means that there are few delayed departures, as late-arriving flights can be flexible with departure times.

Facilities at Lisbon Airport are up to the standard expected of an international airport, but are far from excellent. There is no public Wi-Fi network and the limited choice of food vendors is very expensive. There are plenty of duty-free stores after the security area, but always be aware of boarding times, as it's likely to be a long walk to the gate, with a longer bus ride to the low-cost airlines' planes.

Many of the low-cost airlines depart from parking lots on the tarmac, with buses transporting passengers between the terminal and the plane. these greatly extend boarding times and reduce the amount of time that can be spent in the stores in the departure area.

Boarding can take place up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time and involves a long walk after the security check. Low-cost airlines suffer utner long queues at check-in, especially at the height of summer. Therefore, it is advisable to check in before arriving at the airport with your boarding pass already printed. Since flights can be crowded in the summer, it is not uncommon for airport personnel to be agitated by overweight or overly large carry-on baggage.

Terminal 2 (T2)

If you are traveling with Ryanair, Easyjet, Transavia, Norwegian, Blue Air and Wizz Air, you should go to Terminal 2. T2 is a terminal for low-cost departures only.... If you have already checked in online or at the check-in kiosks and are traveling with carry-on baggage only, simply proceed to security to proceed to the boarding gates. If you have checked baggage, you should check it in at the counter of the airline you are traveling with. There are a few cafes and stores before and after security.

Terminal 1 (T1)

Other airlines, for example TAP Portugal, depart from Terminal 1. T1 is a larger terminal. For departures, it has several customer service balconies, check-in counters, and self-check-in kiosks. There is also a pharmacy, post office, currency exchange, multibank and tourist information center.

Find out in advance the best way to check in with the airline of your flight and how far in advance you need to check in. There are airlines that will allow you to check in the day before. There are options for shopping and eating, either before or after passing through security. However, the variety of offerings is far greater after passing through security.

Overall, we recommend booking a parking lot with a parking meter for all your travels. This is the easiest way to find a cheap parking option. Then you can start your trip worry-free knowing that your car is safely parked.

Types of airport parkings

Valet (Pickup at terminal)

The fastest and most comfortable way to park in the airport. The driver will be waiting for you at the scheduled time at the terminal. At your return, call the driver, who will deliver your car to you.


The cheapest option: free 5-15 minutes transfer to the terminal. A free shuttle will bring you from the parking lot to the terminal and back when you return.

Inside the airport

The official parking inside the airport facilities. It is normally at walking distance from the terminal, but cheaper long stay parkings sometimes require short transfers.

Parkings in Lisbon - Humberto Delgado Airport

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