Lisbon Parkings in Statue of Fernando Pessoa and Café A Brasileira

Park in Statue of Fernando Pessoa and Café A Brasileira

In the heart of Chiado, more specifically on Rua Garret, we find the Café A Brasileira, one of the oldest cafés in Lisbon. Founded in 1905, the Brasileira was the idea of an old Portuguese emigrant in Brazil, who during his stay in the country had contact with one of the largest coffee producers in Minas Gerais. On returning to his country, Adriano Telles decided to start selling coffee in Largo do Chiado. During the 20th century, the café became one of the main meeting points for the capital's most illustrious figures, such as lawyers, artists, teachers and writers. Among these personalities were Almada Negreiros and Fernando Pessoa. Today, the Brasileira is still one of Lisbon's most illustrious spots, with great cultural identity and importing coffee from Brazil. Outside the café is the statue of Fernando Pessoa, inaugurated to honour the centenary of the poet's birth. The bronze sculpture is by Lagoa Henriques and represents Pessoa drinking a bica (coffee). It is an obligatory stop, where tourists always take photos.

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