Lisbon Parkings in Oceanário (Aquário)

Park in Oceanário (Aquário)

The Lisbon Oceanarium, originally called the Pavilhão dos Oceanos, is located in Parque das Nações. It is a public aquarium and research centre for marine biology and oceanography. It was inaugurated the same year that Parque das Nações was founded, in 1998. The foundation of Parque das Nações was due to EXPO 98. Lisbon decided to invest in the area to host the event that brought together countries from all over the world. The oceanarium has 8000 sea creatures, 5 million litres of salt water and four different marine habitats to create the illusion that it is a real ocean. It features both underwater and land-based life and simulates different waters, from cold to tropical. On display are numerous birds, invertebrates, amphibians, fish, mammals, plants and algae. Also, its 80 meters long tunnel allows you to live a unique experience. The Lisbon Oceanarium cooperates with several educational, research and conservation institutions and offers different activities. It is, without a doubt, a good option for all ages.

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