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Car Park in Marbella

Parking in Marbella
Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, between Malaga and the Strait of Gibraltar, Marbella is one of the most important tourist centres in the Costa del Sol and Spain. Book your parking with Parkimeter and enjoy this stylish and sunny city.

Marbella is a town on the Costa del Sol, in the south of Spain, belonging to the region of Andalusia. It has 27 km of sandy beaches on the Mediterranean, villas, hotels and golf courses. In the west of the city is the Golden Mile with prestigious nightclubs that stretches all the way to Puerto Barnús where there are luxurious yachts and elegant fashion boutiques and bars.

Marbella is a very touristic city, with a large influx of national and foreign tourists in summer. In order to visit and move around the city there are different options:


In Marbella there are seven urban lines plus a night line. The timetables are quite convenient, but in summer the bus lines are usually not as punctual as usual due to the traffic and influx of people using this service.

The most frequented lines are those that pass through the centre of Marbella, such as the L-1, which goes as far as Puerto Banús, or those that pass through the La Cañada Shopping Centre and the Bus Station, such as the L-3 or L-6 lines.

It is possible to take the Billete Ordinario directly on board, but not the bonos that allow you to enjoy cheaper fares. You can also pay for your ticket on the bus but remember to bring loose change or small notes as the drivers are not obliged to bring change and may not have any.

The cheapest option for bus travel in Marbella is to take out a Bono Bus card, so the price per journey is cheaper. The Bono Bus is a rechargeable card which is on sale at the Marbella Bus Station and other authorised sales points and has a minimum rechargeable amount of 5€.


The taxi service in Marbella is mainly run by the company Taxisol. There are taxi ranks in all the main areas of the city and also in the more outlying urbanisations, both day and night.

Taxis are not usually the cheapest form of transport, fares are around €10 for short distance journeys during the day. This price increases in the evening. It is possible to pay by cash or credit card.

To request a taxi service, you must go to one of the official taxi ranks located in Marbella, it will not be effective to raise your arm as a signal to hail a taxi.

If you plan to go to the nearest airport (Malaga Airport) by taxi, fares will be approximately 60-90€ depending on the time zone and service required.

You can book your airport transfer in advance with companies such as Taxisol and Taxi Marbella 24h or use "shared" transfers, a more cost-effective option if you are travelling alone.

Parking in the city

Parking in Marbella is complicated, the city does not offer much space to leave your car parked and with the large influx of tourists the parking spaces are even more limited.

There is also the possibility of leaving your car parked along the streets, but you have to take into account that the blue zone is payable and the options of finding street parking are very limited.

The central areas have the most public parking available. Although there are many public parking options, they are often more difficult to access in summer.

A good alternative to avoid driving around is to book a parking space in advance to ensure that you can park your car close to the central area/beach.

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