Marbella Parkings in Auditorio de Marbella - La Cantera de Nagüeles

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Park in Auditorio de Marbella - La Cantera de Nagüeles

The Auditorio Marbella is located in the Cantera de Nagüeles, between the Arroyo de las Piedras and the Arroyo de Nagüeles. It is a perfect and unique place for any open air concert with a very beautiful and natural atmosphere.

In 1983, the visionaries Alfonso Hohenlohe, Julio Iglesias and Plácido Domingo created the basis for today's Starlite Festival. This project, which goes beyond the musical concept, is increasingly becoming a social and cultural event of reference in Europe, which takes place in Marbella. The Auditorium is especially well known because it regularly hosts the Starlite Festival.

Parking at the Auditorio Marbella

To get to the Auditorio de Marbella you can arrive either by car, bus or taxi. If you decide to come with your car, you should know that the Auditorio de Marbella is located in La Cantera de Nagüeles, in the upper part of the Sierra Blanca Urbanisation, 8 minutes drive from the centre of Marbella and 15 minutes from Puerto Banús.

To get there, you will need to park your car in a free car park provided by the Auditorium to catch a shuttle bus to the venue, as there is no alternative way to get there. The only viable option is to take a taxi, which will drop you off at the venue and leave, without parking anywhere.

Public car parks in Marbella

If you have decided to stay a few days in Marbella, you also have the option of booking a parking space with Parkimeter for the days of your stay. If you want to go to the Auditorio de Marbella - Cantera de los Nagüeles, as we have already mentioned, the parking is not very far from the centre and you can leave your car parked there without any problem and use another method of transport to get there.

If you want to see what are the parking options in the city of Marbella, you can check on the Parkimeter website or app and book from there. On the other hand, if you want more information about how to park in Marbella, just read our article where you will find all kinds of information.

How to get to the Starlite Festival

To park as relaxed and safe as possible in the Auditorio Marbella, you have several options as a visitor of the Starlite Festival. There is the general parking, which is free for all festival visitors with a ticket and includes a shuttle service. There is also the VIP parking, which is for Gold and Silver ticket holders and offers a private chauffeur to take visitors to the red carpet at the Auditorio Marbella.

If you are travelling to the Starlite Festival by public transport, the nearest train station is Maria Zambrano (Malaga).

The Starlite Festival

The Starlite Festival focuses on a special experience with world-class concerts and renowned international artists, with an increasingly electronic music genre. For visitors, the nights at Marbella's open-air disco will be unforgettable, experiencing the liveliest rhythms in a unique setting under the stars.

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