Author: "Duomo (Milan) with rainbow" by BjoernEisbaer, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons source.

Parking Milan

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Car Park in Milan

Parking Milan
Author: "Piazza del Duomo" by kuhnmi, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons source.
Modern city, cultured and rich in works of art, Milan is the economic and industrial capital of Italy and the center of one of the most populous metropolitan areas in Europe. Book your parking with Parkimeter and enjoy this vibrant city.

Parking in Milan

A modern, cultured city, rich in works of art, Milan is the economic and industrial capital of Italy and the centre of one of Europe's most populous metropolitan areas. Book your parking space in Milan with Parkimeter and enjoy this vibrant city.

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Milan or are travelling on business and decide to use your car, parking in Milan, as in all major cities, can be a real challenge. If you book a hotel, you should find out if it is one of the hotels with parking in Milan and what would be the price of parking in Milan, so you can make the best decision. Daily rates in most public car parks in Milan have decreasing prices, i.e. the daily price decreases as the number of days booked increases, which is not normally the case in hotels. If you don't book a daily parking space, remember that you may be charged on a per-minute basis, which is much more expensive.

Long-term parking in Milan

If you are staying in Milan for several weeks, you are likely to prefer to find long-term parking, commonly known as low-cost parking or park and ride. It is advisable to use this option if you decide not to use your car so often, as you will spend the difference on public transport if it is not nearby.

Public parking in Milan

If you opt for parking close to your residence, Milan has an excellent distribution of public car parks. However, it is not the same to find parking near the Duomo in Milan, in the historic centre, near La Scala or Castello Sforzesco, which are popular tourist sites where you may find a "Full Parking" notice if you arrive without a reservation, as it is to find parking near Milano Bicocca, for example, where it is normally easier. Therefore it is advisable to make a prior reservation with Parkimeter, especially if you want to park in the centre of Milan or near Milano Centrale station.

Districts of Milan

The city of Milan is not divided into districts but into nine municipalities. City Hall 1: Historic Centre City Hall 2: Central Station, Gorla, Turro, Precotto, Greco, Crescenzago City Hall 3: Città Studi, Lambrate, Venezia City Hall 4: Vittoria, Forlanini City Hall 5: Vigentino, Chiaravalle, Gratosoglio City Hall 6: Barona, Lorenteggio City Hall 7: Baggio, De Angeli, San Siro City Hall 8: Fiera, Gallaratese, Certosa, Quarto Oggiaro City Hall 9: Garibaldi Station, Niguarda. Given the division of the city, it is necessary to know that finding parking in the historic centre, being the seat of important museums and a very popular tourist destination, is complicated. This area does not have many car parks or they are very expensive.

Lorenteggio Parking

Finding parking in Lorenteggio is not as difficult as in the city centre. However, there is a wide variety of prices, so you need to be far-sighted and spend some time at Parkimeter to get the best parking space: the one closest to your destination, which meets the required services and with the most advantageous price. If you would like to stroll through the Navigli, one of the most fascinating areas of the city, we recommend that you look only 10 minutes' walk from the Naviglio Grande.

The Markets of Milan

Even in Milan, despite its modernity, this form of commerce, which is one of the oldest, survives. Its markets are different from each other, in terms of offer, atmosphere and clientele.

Milan Central Station

If you're a frequent passenger on the local or high-speed train, Parkimeter offers car parks within walking distance of Milano Centrale station. Located right in the city centre, it is Italy's second largest station in terms of size and traffic volume and hosts around 600 trains a day, two metro lines, the nearby Passante Ferroviario, the terminal for several city bus and tram lines and airport shuttles.

Parking in the center of Milan

Milan is one of the cities where parking is becoming more and more complicated as well as more and more expensive. This city is full of restricted traffic zones (ZTL), Area C and bans, which, if you are not familiar with the streets, could easily lead to loss of time and money. Moreover, especially during rush hours, parking in the center of Milan can become an impossible task as well as frustrating: streets congested with cars, people honking their horns all the time, drivers putting pressure on because they are in a hurry to go who knows where.

This foreword is to prepare you for what you might encounter if you are visiting Milan for tourism or business with your car. But fear not, we will provide you with some tips and recommend the most strategic central areas so that parking in Milan is no longer a problem for you.

The best choice to make is definitely to opt for a public car park in Milan, remembering to book it in advance, at least before arriving at your destination so that you have a guaranteed parking space: with Parkimeter you will be able to compare various offers and prices depending on your destination or place of interest and book what suits you best and evaluate the most convenient choice.

Parking in a public car park in the Duomo in the center of Milan

The Milan Cathedral is the city 's iconic cathedral. In full Gothic style, it is one of the largest and most imposing churches in the world. People from all over the world come here to admire the beauty and grandeur of this work of art, and for this reason, the Piazza del Duomo and the surrounding area is considered the historic center of the city, where you will find a little bit of everything: from the luxurious shops of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to the prestigious Teatro della Scala where you can attend an unforgettable classical music performance or opera, to the streets full of bars, restaurants and shops.

As you will have understood from the description, this area is suitable if you want to park your car in the nerve center of the city, and if you want to visit the city as a tourist: in this case parking in a public car park in Duomo in Milan may be the most astute and convenient choice. On the Parkimeter platform you will find various offers more or less close by, which will allow you to reach the center on foot in any case.

Downtown street parking in Milan

If you are wondering whether it is possible to park on the street in the center of Milan, the answer is yes, but it is highly inadvisable: most of the time, parking spaces in these areas are reserved for residents (yellow stripes) and the few remaining paid spaces (blue stripes) will probably already be occupied unless you arrive very early in the morning. You also have to be careful in restricted traffic zones and area C (the Duomo area of Milan for example) to avoid heavy fines.

Limited traffic zone

ZTL Milano Area C

The city of Milan has environmental restrictions on vehicle traffic via Low Emission Zones (LTZ or ZTL in some countries, ZTL, in Italian). We advise you to check the sticker on your vehicle and make sure you are allowed to drive in these zones. Please note that a reservation is not an authorization.

To find out if your car can access the ZTL:

If you can access, you will have to pay a fee to do so.
Due to the agreement established with the city council you can buy the daily ticket to enter Zone C, directly at most car parks at a reduced rate.

For more information:

The ZTL access permit does not allow access to the entrances reserved for public transport or emergency vehicles (reserved lanes) or to the pedestrian zones.

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