Parking in Bergamo Airport

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Car Park in Bergamo - Orio al Serio International Airport

Parking in Bergamo Airport
Bergamo Airport (BGY), officially Orio al Serio Airport, is the most important low-cost airline airport in Italy. It is located in the town of Orio al Serio, in the surroundings of the city of Bergamo, in Lombardy.

Bergamo Airport, although far from Milan, 45 km east of the city, is about as far from Milan as its main airport, Milan Malpensa. Orio al Serio Airport is growing rapidly thanks to airlines such as Ryanair. More than 13 million passengers pass through these terminals every year.

How to go to Bergamo from the airport?

By car

Various car rental companies are present at Bergamo airport, you can find more information on the websites of Sicily By Car, Autovia, Avis, Budget Autonoleggio, Europcar, Firefly, Hertz, Interrent, Leasys - Autonoleggio, Locauto Rent SpA, Maggiore Rent, Sixt Rent A Car. The price of a car rental for a week is between 400€ and 800€ depending on the model you want. The journey will cost you an average of €1.50 in fuel and will take 10 minutes.

By transport

To go to Bergamo, the Bergamo ATB operates a shuttle bus (line 1) connecting Bergamo airport to the bus station and to Bergamo railway station (Stazione). Bus line 1 runs 3 times an hour to and from the airport, and 2 times an hour on Sundays and public holidays. Buses to Bergamo airport leave from stop 1 in front of entrance 1 of the arrivals terminal. It takes 15 minutes to get to Bergamo Central Station and 30 minutes to the end in the old town of Bergamo (Citta Alta). A 3-zone ticket valid for 90 minutes costs €2.40. If you have more than one piece of luggage, you will have to buy a 3 zone ticket + luggage for 3€. A 1-day ticket costs €5.00 and a 3-day ticket costs €7.00. Tickets valid for 24 or 72 hours are also valid for the Bergamo tramway (TEB), which connects Bergamo station and Albino. Tickets can be purchased in the arrival hall and at ticket machines. Children under 1 metre tall travel free.

By taxi

If you take a taxi from Bergamo airport, it is advisable to agree the price with the driver before getting into the taxi. A taxi from the airport to Bergamo city centre costsabout €20 during the day and a little more at night.

How do I get to Milan or Brescia?

There are several ways to go to Milan!

By car

The journey is 55 km long and takes an average of 58 minutes, you will use about 18 € of fuel.

By train

Regional trains run every hour from Bergamo Central Station to Milan and Brescia. A ticket from Bergamo to Milan costs €5.60 and takes 48 minutes. A ticket from Bergamo to Brescia costs €4.80 and takes 57 minutes. Check the website and bus timetable from ATB and Trenitalia airport for more information.

By bus

The Terravision bus stop is very close to the arrivals hall and there are always buses available to take travellers into Milan. Buses leave from stops 2, 3 or 4 and go to the terminus: Milan Central Station (Piazza Luigi di Savoia). The first bus leaves the city at 3.10am. If you take the bus to Bergamo airport, you must be at the bus stop 15 minutes before departure. The journey time is 60 minutes. Tickets can be purchased on the Terravision website. Buses run approximately twice an hour in both directions. Children up to 4 years old do not need to pay for the trip.

By taxi

A trip to Milan by taxi costs between €100 and €110 and takes about 60 minutes. A taxi to Brescia takes 34 minutes and costs between €75 and €95.

Types of airport parkings

Valet (Pickup at terminal)

The fastest and most comfortable way to park in the airport. The driver will be waiting for you at the scheduled time at the terminal. At your return, call the driver, who will deliver your car to you.


The cheapest option: free 5-15 minutes transfer to the terminal. A free shuttle will bring you from the parking lot to the terminal and back when you return.

Inside the airport

The official parking inside the airport facilities. It is normally at walking distance from the terminal, but cheaper long stay parkings sometimes require short transfers.

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