Perugia Parkings in Arch Etruscan

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Park in Arch Etruscan

Located to the north of the city's ancient walls, the arch represents the monumental Etruscan gateway dating back to the 3rd century BC. Thanks to its perfect state of preservation and its height of 11 metres, it can be considered the most imposing and perhaps the most important of all Etruscan history. Built with travertine, the classic material used by the Etruscans, and assembled without the use of mortar, the arch is arranged in the centre of two trapezoidal towers. The arch is also known as the Arch of Augustus Augustus, after an event involving the Emperor Octavian Augustus, who in 40 BC, in an attempt to conquer the city ruled by a rival, set it on fire and then, once conquered, began the reconstruction of the same. The arch survived the fire and the inscription 'Augusta Perusia' was placed on it. But the arch also bears another inscription, Colonia Vibia, with which Perugia was named a Roman colony.

Where to park in Perugia?

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