Pisa Parkings in The Tower of Pisa

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Park in The Tower of Pisa

The Tower of Pisa is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, located in the famous Piazza del Duomo. Symbol of the city of Pisa, every year it attracts millions of tourists, especially for its characteristic slope. 57 metres high and built over two centuries, the slope is due to a land subsidence that occurred during the first construction phase. Over the centuries, the tower has undergone several restorations that have dispelled the myth that it was built on purpose as a leaning tower, as the land on which it was built was rich in water and this made the ground soft. In 2008, the tower was restored to a 3.97° angle, which should remain unchanged for 300 years. The structure of the building incorporates two rooms: one located at the base of the tower and the second is the belfry at the seventh ring. There are also three flights of stairs, one uninterrupted up to the seventh ring and two smaller ones.

Where to park in Pisa?

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