Author: "Porto (Oporto), Portugal" by Abhijeet Rane, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons source.

Where to park at Porto ?

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Car Park in Porto

Where to park at Porto ?
Author: "Porto3flat-cc-contr-oliv1002" by Olegivvit (edited by Diliff), licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons source.
Considered Portugal's most populous city, Oporto is a city rich in years of history and boasts a great historical heritage, although it has undergone a great deal of modernisation in recent years.

Due to active tourism, commuting and a dense schedule of activities, it can be said that parking in Oporto is not always an easy task.

Oporto is a large city and its central area is mostly congested with pedestrians and vehicles. This means that taking the car to the centre can be a problem.

Where can you park in Oporto?

Oporto is the second largest city in Portugal and since 1996 that its historic center, along with the D. Luís I bridge and the Serra do Pilar Monastery, are classified by UNESCO as World Heritage. In 2001, the city was established European Capital of Culture and in 2012 the Best European Destination, by the European Consumer Association. Oporto is knowed by its culture, especially by its history and cuisine, and by its dynamism because is a commercial and industrial center as well. If you’re thinking about visiting the noble city, because of work or leisure, you must consider that parking in Oporto is complicated. In the historic center the streets are too narrow and there’s great constraint.

Limited traffic zones

In public roads, paid parking is limited by the Zones I, II, III and IV and during 9am until 7pm, from Monday to Friday, except for the holidays. In the Zone I, parking is paid on Saturdays, from 11am to 4pm.

The payment is proceeded in the application Telpark and Via Verde or in the paying machines that exist in the streets. The maximum stay is indicated in the exact place and range between 2h and 10h.

Only the zones II and III have daily tickets, of EUR 3.60 and EUR 2.40, respectively.

If you want to know in advance which zone corresponds to the place where you will have to park, you can find that information on Oporto’s Town Hall website. Remember that when booking with Parkimeter there is no limit to the length of stay.

Cheap options to car park in Oporto

Parking Auto Santos & Antunes - 1€/ hour - Indoor Barão Garage - 1.6€/ hour - Indoor Parking Visconde Setúbal - 12.50€/ day - Indoor Parking Carregal - 15€/ day - Indoor Cristal Park - 15€/ day - Indoor SABA Parking Beira Rio - 9.95€/ day - Indoor

How much does a parking space cost in Oporto?

The historical center is delimited by Zone I, being the most congested area. Parkimeter has in the downtown area the Santos & Antunes car park, with a cheaper rate than the municipal one. When booking with Parkimeter you can also park for one day, without the limit of 10h of permanence, for only 9.95€.

Where to park near Aliados?

If you want to park right next to Avenida dos Aliados, book a parking space at Parking Comércio do Porto, indoor parking on Street Almada and you can get in and out during your stay.

Where to park in Cordoaria?

If you want to leave your car near Clérigos, Praça Lisboa and Jardim da Cordoaria, Parkimeter offers you several options. Less than a minute walk from Jardim das Virtudes, you have the Palácio da Justiça Park. In Praça Lisboa you can find the SABA car park.

Where to park at the Crystal Palace?

If you want to park in the area of the Crystal Palace or near the Santo António Hospital, book a space at Cristal Park.

Where to park in Boavista?

Boavista, known for its boulevard, Casa da Música and Estádio do Bessa, is quite close to the historic centre and Campo Alegre. In front of the Praça de Mouzinho de Albuquerque, there is the Casa da Música car park. Book a parking space just two minutes’ walk from Bom Sucesso Market and Cidade do Porto Shopping Mall. And for only €1.50/h you can park at Estádio do Bessa.

Getting around in Oporto

In Oporto you will find an excellent range of public transportation so you can park and move around the city without any inconvenience. Once you have your car in a safe place, you don't have to worry about driving around the city. Especially in the historical centre, the streets are narrow and the car parks are not very accessible.

The Porto Metro has 6 lines and 81 stations, from Vila Nova de Gaia to Matosinhos, Maia and Póvoa do Varzim.

Even if you have to visit the outskirts of the city, you can park in one of our parks and go by metro if you don't want to drive, as it has connections to all the cities around Porto in a short period of time.

The metro runs from 6am to 1am and a single ticket costs 1.20 euros. Besides the metro, there are many bus lines that you can find anywhere in Porto. A single ticket costs around 2€. Getting around by bus, even if you have excellent connections, it is not so recommended because they are usually crowded and late.

What to do in Oporto?

Here we leave you a list of the main places you should know in the city of Porto or activities you should try:

Travelling from Oporto

Through the city of Oporto you can also take the opportunity to visit other Portuguese cities or travel by plane from the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

To visit other points of Portugal, the ideal is to take the train in São Bento Station or Campanhã Station. Choose to leave the car at Batalha Park or Cardosas Park. If you want to fly from Francisco Sá Carneiro, Parkimeter offers you several options at a great price.

Smart Parking Porto - 5 euros / day - Indoor GO Park Shuttle - 6 euros / day - Indoor Europarking Shuttle - 5 euros / day - Outdoor Indoor Parking Low Cost Shuttle - 6 euros / day - Indoor

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