Porto Parkings in São Bento

Park in São Bento

São Bento is considered one of the most beautiful stations in all of Europe. The construction of São Bento station was designed by Marques da Silva, in 1826. Born in Porto, the architect, was studying in Paris at the time and carried out the station project as a final course work. He was successful in Paris and when he returned to Oporto he gained popular support for the construction of the station. In 1899 he was awarded the project to build São Bento. In 1916 the station was officially inaugurated. It is known for its famous blue and white tiles, work of Jorge Colaço. The 20,000 tiles in the antechamber of the station illustrate historical moments such as the marriage of D. Filipa de Lencastre and D. João I and the conquest of Ceuta, in 1415. The station has excellent connections to the rest of the country and is admired both by those who use it daily and by tourists.

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