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Address: Rua do Alferes Malheiro, 128, 4000-057 Porto (See similar parkings around)

Book a parking spot in Auto Parque Laires ONEPASS car park
Parking location in the map - Book a parking spot in Auto Parque Laires ONEPASS car park

Thanks to AutoParque Laires-Valet, it is now possible to park in Porto without any problems.

Discover the old streets of the city and other interesting places, such as the gardens of the Palácio de Cristal or the Cathedral, visit the famous Ribeira, walk along the Douro River and admire the Luiz I Bridge, all without having to worry about the car.

The AutoParque Lair-Valet car park is a covered car park, guarded by video surveillance cameras which also offers an excellent valet service, so it is the car park staff who take care of your vehicle and the station.
When you arrive at the car park, leave the vehicle at the entrance, a driver will come to welcome you, give you a ticket and, for both quality and safety reasons, park your vehicle: a real luxury!

Located near the Teófilo Braga garden, the Trindade church and the Plaza del General Humberto Delgado, which houses Porto's City Hall, the Parque Laires-Valet car park is also an excellent option for leaving your car if you have to go to the Hospital da Lapa or Santo António as if you want to travel to the University of Porto.

Book the best car parks in Porto. Park 24 hours for €14.00, book the whole week for just €84.00!

Parking access system

When you enter the car park take the ticket and show your confirmation at the control booth.

Booking rates

* Prices may vary by season.

ONEPASS You can't get in and out during your stay. onepass ONEPASS
  • Car
One hour €14.00
2 hours €14.00
4 hours €14.00
8 hours €14.00
12 hours €14.00
24h €14.00
2 days €28.00
3 days €42.00
7 days €98.00
14 days €196.00 €100.00
21 days €294.00 €100.00
30 days €420.00 €100.00

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Opening hours

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 21:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Holidays Closed

Car park services

  • 		Maximum vehicle size:<br />
		Height: 1.95m.		Width: 2m.		Length: 5.4m.
    Maximum vehicle size:
    Height: 1.95m. Width: 2m. Length: 5.4m.
  • Handicap access
    Handicap access
  • Attendant keeps the key
    Attendant keeps the key
  • 		Main cash desk in level 0
    Main cash desk in level 0
  •         Interior

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