Book a parking spot in MuoviAmo Libia car park

Address: Viale Libia, 223, 00199 Roma (See similar parkings around)

Book a parking spot in MuoviAmo Libia car park
Parking location in the map - Book a parking spot in MuoviAmo Libia car park

The MuoviAmo Libya car park is easily accessible thanks to its geographical location that allows, in addition, to visit on foot different points of interest, such as Villa Leopardi, Villa Blanc, Villa Chigi Park and Virgiliano Park, all within a 10 minute walk. You will also have the possibility to park near Villa Torlonia, which houses the Theatre and Museum of Villa Torlonia or Villa Ada Savoia, where the Catacombs of Priscilla and the Mausoleum of Santa Costanza are located.

Getting to the historic centre of Rome without any problems is easy! The MuoviAmo Libia is located near the Libia metro station, belonging to line B, which provides easy and fast access to the Colosseum, the Arc de Constantin, at the Roman Forum, St. Peter's Basilica in Vincoli, Domus Aurea, Piazza Navona, Capitol, Circus Maximus and even Roma Termini and Roma Tiburtina railway stations.

Don't wait any longer. Book your parking space in Rome with Parkimeter at the MuoviAmo Libia car park and enjoy the city at your leisure.

Parking near Catacombs of Priscilla, Parco delle Valli, Villa Ada Park, Villa Chigi.

Parking access system

When you enter the car park take the ticket and show your confirmation at the control booth.

Booking rates

* Prices may vary by season.

ONEPASS You can't get in and out during your stay. onepass ONEPASS
  • Car
One hour €3.00
2 hours €6.00
3 hours €9.00
4 hours €12.00
12 hours €20.00
24h €20.00
2 days €40.00 €36.00
3 days €60.00 €45.00
4 days €80.00 €52.00
5 days €100.00 €57.00
6 days €120.00 €62.00
7 days €140.00 €66.00
14 days €280.00 €94.00
21 days €420.00 €122.00
31 days €620.00 €162.00

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Book now

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday 06:00 - 24:00
Sunday 18:00 - 24:00
Holidays 18:00 - 24:00

Car park services

  • 		Maximum vehicle size:<br />
		Height: 2.7m.		Width: 2m.		Length: 5.8m.
    Maximum vehicle size:
    Height: 2.7m. Width: 2m. Length: 5.8m.
  • Accepts motorcycles
    Accepts motorcycles
  • Attendant keeps the key
    Attendant keeps the key
  • Guarded parking
    Guarded parking
  • 		Main cash desk in level -1
    Main cash desk in level -1
  •         Interior

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