Parcheggio Via Veneto MuoviAmo

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Address: Via Sicilia, 9, 00187 Roma (See similar parkings around)

Parcheggio Via Veneto MuoviAmo
Parking location in the map - Parcheggio Via Veneto MuoviAmo

Parking near Ludovisi, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Old Rome, Piazza di Spagna, Quirinal Palace, Trevi Fountain, Via Veneto.

This parking is inside the limited traffic zone ZTL Roma Anello Ferroviario .

This car park is located inside the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) Anello Ferroviario, where from Monday to Friday, petrol and diesel vehicles (Euro 0, Euro 1 and Euro 2) are not allowed to circulate. In case of alarm due to high pollution levels, these restrictions are also applicable to vehicles of other environmental categories.

Access and circulation are not permitted under any circumstances when the LTZ is active.
In Rome car parks are NOT allowed to authorize access to the ZTL.
Always check the activation times to access the car park.

Further information

Parking access system

When you enter the car park take the ticket and show your confirmation at the control booth.

Booking rates

* Prices may vary by season.

MULTIPASS You can get in and out during your stay (Valid only for more than one day reservations and within the parking opening hours). multipass MULTIPASS
  • Car
One hour €5.00
2 hours €10.00
3 hours €14.00
4 hours €18.00
12 hours €30.00
24h €30.00
2 days €60.00 €54.00
3 days €90.00 €67.00
4 days €120.00 €78.00
5 days €150.00 €86.00
6 days €180.00 €93.00
7 days €210.00 €99.00
14 days €420.00 €148.00
21 days €630.00 €197.00
31 days €930.00 €267.00

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Opening hours

Monday - Sunday 07:00 - 21:00
Holidays 07:00 - 21:00

Car park services

  • 		Maximum vehicle size:<br />
		Height: 2.2m.		Width: 2m.		Length: 5.8m.
    Maximum vehicle size:
    Height: 2.2m. Width: 2m. Length: 5.8m.
  • Attendant keeps the key
    Attendant keeps the key
  • Guarded parking
    Guarded parking
  • 		Main cash desk in level 0
    Main cash desk in level 0
  •         Interior

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