Santa Cruz de Tenerife Parkings in Pabellón Roberto Rodríguez Estrello

Park in Pabellón Roberto Rodríguez Estrello

The Roberto Rodríguez Estrello Pavilion is a multi-purpose hall and sports facility located in the Spanish municipality of Santa Cruz de la Palma. The pavilion is named after Roberto Rodríguez Estrello, because he is considered one of the main driving forces behind the development of basketball in the Canary Islands, which is why he received such a great honour.

Parking at the Roberto Rodríguez Estrello Pavilion

The Pabellón Multiusos Roberto Rodríguez Estrello itself does not have a car park for its attendees, although there is a car park not far away: the Parking Barriada de los Pescadores. There you can park your car as there are plenty of parking spaces.

In case you can't find parking in the car park next to the pavilion, there are plenty of free parking spaces available on the street.

You should bear in mind that on the days when an event is being held, the available spaces are reduced as many people may go earlier than you and, in addition, the residents of the area may park their vehicles in the free zones as well as in the free car parks.

If you are one of those people who hate driving aimlessly around the city to find an available space, you can also book your parking space and forget about all those headaches.

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Events and use of the Roberto Rodríguez Estrello Pavilion

The Pabellón Roberto Rodríguez Estrello has a capacity for 2.150 spectators and was for a while the home court of UB La Palma, a professional basketball team based in Santa Cruz from its foundation in 1978 until 2012.

Nowadays, the Pabellón Roberto Rodríguez Estrello is mainly used for sporting or training events, but also occasionally for exhibitions or other cultural events.

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