Tarragona Parkings in Pavelló Municipal del Serrallo

Park in Pavelló Municipal del Serrallo

The Pabellón Municipal del Serrallo (Catalan: Pavelló Municipal del Serrallo), inaugurated in 1978, is a sports hall in the city of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain. In this arena the basketball club CB Tarragona 2017, which plays in the LEB Gold League, plays its home games. The facility has a total capacity for up to 1,800 spectators who want to attend the games.

Where can I park at the Pavelló Municipal del Serrallo?

If you are arriving by car, you should plan in advance where to park your car. In the best case, you should also reserve a parking space in advance to make your stay more pleasant. We recommend doing this with Parkimeter. You can see different alternatives both through the app and on the website here and compare prices according to your needs.

Parking on the street

Parking on the street is an alternative to the municipal pavilion of Serrano, although near the housing the area is green, which means that residents of the neighborhood have preference to leave their cars, therefore you can run the risk of not finding free space.

Free public parking

Around the El Serrallo Municipal Pavilion you will find several options to park your car. Some are paid, others are free, but you need to find out where to book to avoid surprises on the day of your visit. At the APK2 El Serrallo parking lot, for example, you can reserve a parking space guarded by a security guard to protect your vehicle.

The city of Tarragona

Tarragona is a city in the region of Catalonia in the northeast of Spain. Here you will have the opportunity to visit many of the ancient ruins still preserved, such as the Roman colony of Tarraco. A visit to the Roman amphitheater, the early Christian cemetery and other monuments and historical sites is not to be missed. The capital Tarragona has 135.436 inhabitants.

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