Author: "Toulouse Capitole Night" by Benh LIEU SONG, licensed under CC BY-SA <>, via Wikimedia Commons source.

Where to park in Toulouse

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Car Park in Toulouse

Where to park in Toulouse
Author: "Toulouse - View on Saint Sernin" by Tonio94, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 <>, via Wikimedia Commons source.
Located in the south of France, it is the 4th most populated city in the country. Nicknamed the pink city because it is the predominant colour of the old brick buildings. It is remarkable for the age of its foundations dating from 120 BC.

Toulouse, also known as "the pink city", is the 4th largest French city in terms of inhabitants. In the past, it was the capital of various kingdoms that succeeded each other such as the Visigoths or Aquitaine. Today it is the capital of the new region of Occitania.

Toulouse is one of the most active and interesting French cities to visit. It is designated as the most dynamic city in France due in large part to the fact that Toulouse is the European capital of the aerospace industry and home to Airbus Commercial Aircraft and the Airbus parent company. It is also a young city with more than 100,000 students.

Finally, the pink city is a stronghold of rugby, its emblematic sport. Its club, the Stade Toulousain, is the most successful in France with 21 national championship titles but also in Europe with 5 European championship titles.

What to visit in Toulouse?

Toulouse is a city rich in history and therefore also in places and monuments to visit and see. You can go to the Place du Capitole, a huge and beautiful pedestrian square that hosts a market every day. You can also visit the convent of the Jacobins, built in the 13th century entirely of pink bricks and which thus participated in giving its nickname to Toulouse. During your strolls, you will be able to pass by the magnificent quays of the Garonne. And of course, don't hesitate to visit the Toulouse Space City, great pride and emblem of the city.

How to park in Toulouse?

In the city center, all parking is subject to a fee. The city has 3 different zones, the most expensive red zone, the orange zone which offers 30 minutes free parking and the yellow zone which has the lowest rates. There are also free blue and green zones located further from the city center.

Where to park around the Capitol?

If you want to visit the Place du Capitole or even stroll around the city center around this major city landmark, parking options are quite limited in number. Indeed, no parking in the neighbourhood is free and you will have to choose a paid parking. We recommend that you compare parking prices and locations on the Parkimeter website so that you can plan your visit to the city center with confidence.

Where to park around the Jardin des Plantes?

The pink city also has a magnificent Jardin des Plantes that will undoubtedly seduce you. If you want to go there, the parking around it will again be paid with a cost of about 6€ for 4 hours. Once again, we recommend you booking your parking in advance to avoid any disappointment during your visit.

Where to park around the Cité de l'espace?

An unmissable visit to Toulouse, the Cité de l'espace arouses a passion for new visitors every year. Both fun and educational, it is an essential visit during a stay in the pink city. The parking lots around the Gare de l'Espace are free of charge, with enough spaces to accommodate all visitors.

Where to park around the Toulouse-Matabiau train station?

If you want to park near the Toulouse train station, you have several different parking solutions. For example, the option of free parking in a green zone is available. However, these parking lots are about a 10-minute walk from the station and are in high demand. You can also choose to reserve paid parking with Parkimeter closer to the station and avoid the stress of finding a space.

Limited traffic zone

ZFE Toulouse Métropole

The city of Toulouse has environmental restrictions on vehicle traffic (LTZ or ZTL in some countries, ZFE in French). The LTZ is only accessible to authorized vehicles during specific hours. We suggest you to check the sticker on your car and check if it is allowed to drive in this zone. Please note that the reservation is not an authorization.

More information:
Toulouse requires a Crit'Air sticker. To order it:

In Toulouse car parks can NOT authorize access to the LTZ and you need a Crit'Air sticker.

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