Parking Low cost - Aeropuerto Valencia Manises Hortalegre

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Address: Calle Cristòfol Colom, 6, 46980 Paterna (See similar parkings around)

Parking Low cost -  Aeropuerto Valencia Manises Hortalegre
Parking location in the map - Parking Low cost -  Aeropuerto Valencia Manises Hortalegre

Indoor car park, only at 3 minutes from the departures of Valencia-Manises airport, for short, medium and long stays.
Leave the car in the parking lot; they'll take you to the airport terminal. Maximum security.

You will find all the necessary information in the reservation confirmation mail.

It admits all types of vehicles (Motorcycles, cars, 4x4, vans, ...).

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You have to go to the parking, you should not go to the airport. The car park staff will take you to the boarding terminal. Upon your return, once retrieved your baggage, please call them and then go to the agreed meeting point in the terminal, they will be waiting for you and will take you back to the parking.

Parking access system

When you enter the car park take the ticket and show your confirmation at the control booth.


Transportation to the terminal is included using the parking shuttle.

Booking rates

* Prices may vary by season.

ONEPASS You can't get in and out during your stay. onepass ONEPASS
  • Car
One hour €18.00
2 hours €18.00
3 hours €18.00
4 hours €18.00
12 hours €18.00
24h €18.00
2 days €36.00 €23.00
3 days €54.00 €27.00
4 days €72.00 €31.00
5 days €90.00 €33.00
6 days €108.00 €37.00
7 days €126.00 €40.00
14 days €252.00 €61.00
21 days €378.00 €79.00
31 days €558.00 €81.50

Book now

Book now

Opening hours

This car park is always open (24/7).

Car park services

  • 24h service
    24h service
  • 		Maximum vehicle size:<br />
		Height: 1.9m.				Length: 5m.
    Maximum vehicle size:
    Height: 1.9m. Length: 5m.
  • Handicap access
    Handicap access
  • Attendant doesn't keep the key
    Attendant doesn't keep the key
  • Guarded parking
    Guarded parking
  • 		Main cash desk in level 0
    Main cash desk in level 0
  •         Interior

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