Valencia Parkings in Pabellón Fuente de San Luís

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Park in Pabellón Fuente de San Luís

The Pabellón Fuente de San Luis is a multi-purpose pavilion for sporting events in the Spanish city of Valencia, named after the Fuente de San Luis neighbourhood. The pavilion was opened in 1983 and is currently used mainly for sporting events.

The Pabellón Fuente de San Luis offers training facilities for various sports, such as table tennis, fencing, judo, gymnastics and weightlifting. In addition, the Fuente de San Luis Pavilion hosts concerts as well as other events. The imposing building, which was considerably extended in 1994, can hold a total of 9,000 spectators.

Where to park at the Fuente de San Luis Pavilion

Parking at the Fuente de San Luis Pavilion

The Fuente de San Luis Pavilion has its own car park right next to the venue, between Pintor Gassent Street and Hermanos Maristas Avenue, with approximately 500 parking spaces available for its attendees.

Parking in the city of Valencia near the Fuente de San Luis Pavilion

If there is no availability in the Fuente de San Luis Pavilion car park itself, there is always the possibility of parking your car outside the venue, but still close by.

In the surrounding area, especially on the avenue closest to the venue, Avenida Hermanos Maristas, you will find many more free parking spaces along the entire avenue. If you want to come by car to the Pabellón de San Luis, parking will not be a problem.

If you want more information or advice on how to park in the city of Valencia, here you will find everything you need to know.

Public car parks near the San Luis Pavilion

If, on the other hand, on the days of the event you prefer not to park in any of the above options, due to the chaos on the road that tends to form with large-scale events, there is another option, which is to leave your car parked in a safer place: public car parks.

Parking in a public car park can offer many benefits, although it may not seem like it at first: you can book the dates and times that best suit you, you will know what price you will have to pay beforehand, you will choose the location of the car park that best suits you and, in addition, you will leave your car parked in a safe and monitored place to avoid any kind of incident or vandalism.

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Events at the Fuente de San Luis Pavilion

The Pabellón Fuente de San Luis mainly hosts sporting events, for example, the multi-purpose hall served as the home of the Valencia Basket Club basketball team. It was also the home of Ros Casares Valencia, a Spanish women's basketball team, between 1996 and 2012.

The Valencia Basket Club

The basketball club was founded in Valencia in 1986 and currently plays in Spain's top division, the ACB League. Since 1987, the team has played its home games at the Pabellón Fuente de San Luis. Valencia Basket Club's greatest achievements include ULEB Cup/Euro Cup victories in 2003, 2010, 2014 and 2019, as well as winning the Spanish Cup in 1998 and the Spanish Championship in 2017.

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